Think Back …


Think Back ….

How long back, can you go?
Before you believe what l can show?

We can and have been one, many a time
You need to relax and recline,
Think of when it began,
When time was all but sand,

β€˜Tis truth what will be told,
Only you can behold,
Of days long before and of Olde,
You will be showed,

When time held no meaning,
Or of life which may have been demeaning,
But still you were there,
This l can show and share,
Up through the ages you travel,
History and lives continue to unravel,
You need to think back and accept,
Of times when you slept
And of others, when you were awake,
Of your before lives of which l spake,

You have been in mind for some time now,
Are you willing to see how?
Then look no further back than then
And if you are ready we can go again …

Β© Rory Matier 2011


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