Lost in Commentary!

I have just discovered 5 pages of spam comments that were not spam, more so a case of WordPress deciding they were spam. My apologies to the bloggers, l never knew these were here. For weeks and weeks my spam folder has been filled to the brim with a plethora of non genuine blogger comments and suddenly as if almost overnight my spam folder has gone from a few thousand to well below 1000.

I will now be spending some time catching up with lost comments – so once more sorry if a comment you left 5 – 7 days ago in the extreme is now approved or responded to or reblogged or shared out.

regards Rory

Ps : WordPress you really do need to get this sorted and Pingbacks too!

26 thoughts on “Lost in Commentary!

    1. Indeed so, however the sad fact is for our comments to be landing in spam, it is lending weight more so to the theory that we have a designated quantity of comments we are allowed or ‘only’ allowed to make a day.

      If we are commenting too much to be recognised as a spammer then that’s not great is it?

      It’s a bit restrictive with regards community communications l think.

        1. I am sure you have alongside hundreds/thousands of other bloggers, l don’t know what the answer is apart from simply not commenting on people’s blogs which is somewhat defeatist 🙁

          1. I do comment. But at some sites I get the message “ unable to post the comment” , and it’s usually yours!

            1. My site?

              AAh l see what you mean, that’s because l have reblogged a post l think. As you know with many of my posts they are twice daily blogs, the ones that l know l have PB’s coming back from l usually have a very specific link back that is not directed at the reblog post but at its Site Page, but alas many people forget and then they get hit with the ‘unable to comment’ message.

              1. I meant that many times I cannot reply to your comments as they refuse to go through. It might be something to do with your theory about a specific number of comments allowed per blogger per day, or it could be something else. But I don’t have problems with most of other blogs, just your and a couple of others.

              2. I know, it’s fast becoming a problem. Now at my own concession, l don’t leave loads and loads of comments on lots of blogs every day. I respond to all comments that are left on my blog, as long as l can see them as in not sitting in spam or disappeared off the planet – but one thing l do ‘do’ a lot of is have links in my posts to other blogger’s l don’t know if that counts against me as comments.

  1. I too made two posts about this this morning Rory. I discovered my friends in Spam. And also that this has been going on for a long time without my realising. I wondered where my friends had gone to, and thought it was the content or tone of my blog. So I adjusted it. No goid. Made no difference. Got very depressed. Was going to give up blogging. Thought friends had gone. Thought I had upset them. Then, lo and behold, I found them in Spam this morning. Now I too am trying to get caught up with responding, but, being blind, and i
    Unable to do much at any one time, I am snookered. I wish WordPress would sort this out. It leads to breaks in relationships and hurt and misunderstandings. For those for whom WordPress is vital becayse they are hoysebond or sick, this is awful. So I am with you totally on this one arory. Maybe we should stage a WordPress march – with our fingers of course!

    1. Hey Lorraine,

      I have also posted on this before and you are quite right as a problem it has been ongoing for absolute months. I am not quite sure what the answer is, but perhaps a question directed at WP might be the answer.

      1. I already did Riry. They just shrugged their shoulders! I am wondering though, how many comments would designate someone to be a spambot, as they call it? Do you have any idea? I mean in a day. I have definirely list at least ine friend through it as she can’t deal with it. Sad really. Makes me wonder how much ai can comment too!

        1. You lost a friend because of why? Because of lost comments? The lost comments are not the fault of bloggers, it’s the fault of the host.

          As to how many comments designates someone a spambot l have no idea. But l will try and research it, perhaps it’s not WP at all, maybe it’s the way bloggers have their comments managed in their settings – but there must be a way to finding a solution 🙂

          1. The reason the friend went was that (i think anyway) she had asked about why her comnents were going into my Spam fokder, and was told it was pribably because she was comnenting too much. So therefore she was designated a spamner. I think she just was fed up over that, and has basucally just walked off. Which of course us her chouce. It just makes me sad though. Not shre what you mean in the secind bit though. About how comnents are managed in settings. I know nothing about any of that. I also winder how number of views per day relates to it all. Some days I get an SNORMOUS spike. Then it drops again. Then it spikes again. I just wondered if that relates to true spammers buewing stuff. Its all a mystery to me. Thanjs for saying you will try to research about how many comnents a day make you a soamner! Skrry, my typing is terrible! Getting a bit tired!

            1. Hi Lorraine, in our settings we have the abilities to handle comments differently – however l will aim to try and get some answers and write about the results next week.

              I have noticed some strange spiking since l turned the blog into eCommerce, so l don’t know if that is reflective,

              1. Thanks Rory. I really appreciate that. Stats often don’t make sense. I seem to remember Fandango asking about spikes in numbers if vuews a while ago. So it seems to be something common. Weird. Appreciate your input 😊

              2. 🙂

                Currently this is a situation affecting us all Lorraine, so the sonner we derive some satisfactory answers, results and conclusions the better for everyone 🙂

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