Dear Blog – 22.29 – 21/06/19

If it’s not one thing, it’s another thing and if not that – something else!

Have you noticed how life always get’s in the way of things? You can’t help BUT notice it really, it’s always, always, always present! It just pops up to remind you about how real life really is … why it feels the need to physically remind us that life is real l don’t know – l am a realist and a pragmatist l for one most assuredly know and understand that life is real and very real to boot!

Whilst l had hoped my week would be better than last week, l am not totally sure it has been, but then l am only five days in, l still have the weekend to go to make up the full 7 days – so who knows perhaps in the next two days things will miraculously improve?

It hasn’t been a complete loss of a five day period, nor has it been totally shitty, but neither has it been 100% beauticious either! I still seem to be horribly behind in my reading of my readership despite trying seriously hard to catch up – the harder l try to catch up it appears the further l get behind. How can l make sense of that? Who knows.

I have got quite a few things done that l have set out to achieve though, but not everything, but panic not Rory, you still have the weekend


My sister it appears it still playing the oh woe is me card and still trying to contest my inheritance – l am not bothered but she is starting to irk me with all her pointless shenanigans –  even the solicitor must be tiring of her. Everything has been sold bar the last few Wisdens – cricket almanac – as you may recall – they went through an auction last month, didn’t secure any interest or sales and so we have another potentially interested party but they only fairly wish to see a photo of the books.

My sister lives 15 minutes away from the auctioneers in Sussex, snd despite the buyer expressing an interest three weeks ago, she hasn’t done anything about it, but expects Suze and myself to drive the four and a half hour round trip from Kent to Sussex and back to Kent to pick up three boxes of books and store them here. If the buyer does want them, great – but if he didn’t then the onus of selling a very niche book would fall back on my head and l would have my sister then back in some power trip position giving me a hard time because the blessed books haven’t sold! No thank you very much, l still have that email of hers when she was in Corfu cussing my very existence as being incompetent – so no, l have sold the car and at a much higher price than she thought we would get – l am done! Now it’s her turn


On the positive side, Suze managed to get my hair cut again this morning, so l no longer have the appearance of a lost shaggy dog! Bonus. Plus l finally got to my eye appointment which you may recall was cancelled last Friday because they were running an hour late on booked appointments – to learn that l don’t need new general glasses but very strong computer/reading glasses and that l have what is sometimes referred to as a lazy left eye, although when l was ten the Australians diagnosed it as a dead eye.

Basically l have been struggling with my eyes recently a lot more than normal, not headaches but eye ache and a lot of blurry vision – my left eye has worsened to such a degree that my two eyes can longer work in conjunction with each other. The left sees very differently to the right, so a very strong pair of left eyed prisms or something is required. But at least my vision will hopefully be greatly improved. I spend close to 19 hours a day on the computer for one reason or another so they are needed. However overall, my eye health is excellent – so not that bad as a result


Took Scrappy to the vets this evening, she was meant to go two weeks ago, but another time of life getting in the way of things, but finally we were able to get her down there today. It’s quite the palava these days basically because Scrappy can no longer jump into the car unaided, which means Suze and l must manhandle her 27.5kg body into the car. Normally l could lift her myself but since the shoulder damages, l can longer achieve that move anymore. So a rather clumsy Suze and myself lift a squirming squiggly dog into the back seat of the Freelander! Drive the 45 minute journey to Canterbury to go and see the specialists.

This time it was a bit more complicated – she had we thought her anal glands to do, discuss a proper lifting programme for her [when we lift she coughs a lot], have her dew claws cut and discuss a strange two step walk she has developed as well as mention her remarkably contrary Mary attitude to life where upon she has become very stubborn!

Sadly Madam Scrappy is terribly arthritic due to not just her age but that awful time a few years back when she was diagnosed with IVDD and we are very concerned at how creaky she has become and could we do anything to help her further, in addition to the Metacam we use on her food? They could recommend nothing new, apart from tablets but we have a dog here who refuses point blank to take tablets and last year refused to eat for almost two weeks to prove a point to us!! Point taken.

But her stubborness to not take any tablets could spell her undoing  which was very alarming news for us, as this vet we met this evening was very direct and to the point!

Scrappy you may recall had a pea sized hard lump in her glands three months ago, and a month after that appointment we discovered it hadn’t increased in size so we could breathe a sigh of relief, at her age 15.6 is not the age for any kind of surgery and both Suze and l agreed last November when Scrappy turned 15 that we would not put her through any more operations. she is a remarkably hardy dog, but she is so hardy that many a time if she has a problem you can NEVER glean an idea there is something wrong until too late because she just carries on as normal.

We also agreed that we would know it was her time when she didn’t wish to walk anymore as she has simply loved to walk all her life, and it is almost as if she lives for walking. Well whilst she can no longer walk great distances, despite what her brain tells her – she still loves going out twice a day. Still eats very well, has no lethargy although she sleeps like the dead, is bright eyed and bushy tailed. but the lump this evening had increased in size, which was a blow and more so when the vet said that if it had increased in a month’s time, we should consider having her PTS’d!!

Good grief we thought why the fuck? So now Suze and l and Scrappy are on tenterhooks for the next month, grief almighty!


On a good note l have successfully reduced my tablets down from 13 tablets a day from ten days ago to 6 a day now, so am quite pleased at that. Plus today is two weeks with no smoking, so am very pleased about those two things.


Had a live chat with WP support today about a couple of problems with comments and spam comments or rather why so many of my comments were ending up in spam in other bloggers when my comments resembled nothing like these spambot messages we see – that apparently is ‘just one of those things’.

Also l raised the question that someone raised with me a couple of days ago, which was would my changing plans to eCommerce from Premium have a significant effect on a reader’s ability to comment? Well yes and no. A new feature that the eCommerce plan offers and awards is having a sign in facility at the bottom near my comments section, but the plan itself doesn’t specifically stop readers from commenting, it just means they have to submit a bit more information – whilst l didn’t enable it, l do have the ability to disable it if l wish, so there’s a question to my readers, are you experiencing any problems with leaving comments on any of my posts and if so what are these problems please?

If it is the sign in then l will consider disabling it, although WP suggest that l shouldn’t. But l will Google this and other issues to do with comments over the weekend with a view to making a post sometime next week.

I changed my plan from Premium to eCommerce as part of a long range plan, not so much to suddenly change my blog into a store but for other features and although l am not one for watching my stats, l have noticed a drop in my stats l am guessing whilst the plan becomes more acquainted with my style and so too the readership.

But l would appreciate any feedback, because currently as the blogger who runs and maintains the site l can see no immediate problems, but would welcome comments from those who do.

So an interesting five days so far, but hey at least l have the weekend still!

Dear Blog ……

20 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 22.29 – 21/06/19

  1. Is there a liquid form of the medicine that would help Scrappy since she won’t do tablets? Oh my goodness, you and she will be in my thoughts! No more lump growth!! No more!

    Life certainly likes to remind me that making ANY plans or just trying to do daily things is an opportunity for the universe to have a good laugh at my expense.

    I know you’ve been having trouble with pingbacks. Beckie tapped me on 321-knowledge…we both included a link back to you. Just fyi in case they don’t show up.

    1. Hiya GMa, currently Scrappy takes the only liquid form there is for dogs in the UK. It annoys the crap out of me that we only have tablets here for dogs and cats alike. There is a liquid for cats, but it is horrifically expensive for cats and reflective upon their size but for Scrappy and her 27+kg, it simply wouldn’t be sustainable plus because it is for cats there is no absolute guarantee.

      Wow, thanks for letting me know about the 321 – l haven’t seen that in normal comments directory, or pending but will check my spam, and if not there, will track it down from source 🙂

  2. I normally read using the Reader, but I took a look at your site and the only out of the ordinary thing I noticed was a banner that pops up at the top that says: “This is an example of a sitewide notice – you can change or remove this text in the Customizer under “Store Notice” Dismiss”. There’s also a generic text widget message on the sidebar.

    1. Hey Ashley, thank you, l think l have also seen that pink banner at the top, and l dismissed it, next time l ‘ll not dismiss it but take action, l initially thought l was the only one who could see it ………..apparently not lol.

      There’s also a generic text widget message on the sidebar.

      By this – do you mean when you go into an actual post and it is the ‘search bar function’ or something else?

    2. If it is that, is that ‘not’ supposed to be there? i thought it was that way for everyone, but if not l will look at trying to get that gone.

      1. When I’m looking at your post, on the right hand sidebar above the search bar there’s a text widget that says “This is a text widget. The Text Widget allows you to add text or HTML to your sidebar. You can use a text widget to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these. Edit them in the Widget section of the Customizer.” You can remove that in the customizer,

    1. Why?

      What prevents you from doing so?

      Is there something that you can pin point, for example which posts today have you not been able to comment on, and if not today can you remember which ones?

      1. On your good morning post, I couldn’t reply to your comment. It had the same message that we are unable to post the comment. Try again ( or something like that)

        1. Heya Sadje,

          Okay that might also be another timing thing – the morning post is a twice daily reblog also. Okay, good information to know … the ‘morning ‘post is reblogged in two different time zones for wider coverage especially with the links in holds to other bloggers.

          Thanks for letting me know 🙂

        2. As in this morning’s post?? But that hasn’t been reblogged and it isn’t due to shift to the afternoon zone for several hours?

          I don’t understand, you can comment on all other posts now, but not the morning post? i don’t understand that, do you experience this with other blogs?

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