Late Night Beats With Scrappy Doodlepip!

Late Night Beats With Scrappy Doodlepip Directory

Good morning all

Well l thought if it’s good enough for Dad, then it’s good enough for me too!

My Late Night Beats is NOW open to everyone! Once a week l will post late night/early morning dedications to 4 leggeds AND 2 leggeds! So what’s your passion then, let me know in the comments section below.

Thank you … Scrappy Doodlepip

No new call out requests so l’ll play some of the tracks l was just listening to …. now it just so happens that it is extremely late but dad is staying up with me because we have a really big, huge storm overhead, gallons of rain, with according to dad, rain droplets the size of Glasgow tumbling down from the skies!!?  There is thundering and lots of lightning!! So dad helped me pick out a nice selection of what he is calling “Storm Beaters!!”

I personally prefer to simply call them Storm Beats! Play’em loud!

If you would like to take part in the late night beats with me – just drop your requests below – many thanks ………… Scrappy.

10 thoughts on “Late Night Beats With Scrappy Doodlepip!

  1. I’m sorry Scrappy but Zeus, as you know from his interview, is not the smartest K9 on four paws, and he doesn’t pay attention to music…just his ball😕 Maybe you can borrow some of Dad’s requests?
    I hope the storm passed quickly and you were able to rest.

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