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Have you ever wondered about ‘Time’? That five minutes, can so easily be misused – l mean think on it 300 seconds, does not seem that long does it. A full five minutes is just that – 300 seconds – what have you done in the last 300 seconds?

Well? What have you done?

I mean it is interesting especially when you consider the amount of times say l don’t have the time, and yet a lot of people can find time, most notably most people can find 300 seconds.

But lost time is like lost sleep, you ain’t never getting it back, so make sure you are accountable for every single second of every single day – then you can say whether you have or have not got 300 seconds spare!

Rory Matier


“After the war I was going to make up for lost time. But the time I spent away, it’s still lost. No matter what I do, it stays lost.”

Steven Herrick


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    1. Hey Tanvir,

      Thank you, l am okay, just seriously behind everything l am currently doing and trying to catch up which l guess by the end of June, providing no more dubious life events occur should be back to normal 🙂

      How about you/

  1. Exactly, the lost time you’ll never have it back! I complain sometimes that I don’t have enough time for everything that I want to do but I try to not waste it as much as I can 😊

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