I Must’ve Missed The Spring Memo But …


Last year, the tomato plants had been caned by two weeks, these canes went in yesterday – the plants are struggling to grow because of a lack of heat and too much rain! What a difference a year makes!

It’s been a pretty lousy start to the season – this time last year as the example – things were doing really well – plant wise or more specifically, vegetable plant wise. So far the Spring 2019 – or what we are going to class as spring has been a serious disappointment – principally because there seemingly hasn’t been one of any real value yet!

So far, we have had  very serious and  frequent rain, very little sun, crazy violent winds – but more importantly we have not experienced any real decent heat and this has taken its toll on the season. This is of course the problem with England, we do not have anything guaranteed with regards the seasons and heat, but also l think it clearly shows quite significantly how climate change is affecting little things that many people take for granted.

It used to be when l was a kid growing up in England that we had 4 very distinct seasons – notably – Winter – December, January and February which was followed by Spring –  March, April and May and then came Summer with it’s glorious extended daylight hours and warmer balmy nights which fell on June, July and August and bringing up the rear was Autumn which used to be October, November and December. These days it is NOT that we do not still have these seasons, of course we do. 

But ………….


The main bulk of the vegetable line up 2019 –  last year’s line up was already much bushier and laden with crop.

Now considering the fact that we are currently in the middle of June, l have to but ask what happened to the previous season? Did l miss the memo about the missing spring for this year? Because it has passed and l don’t remember if we enjoyed any part that was great?

Last year we had a wonderful spring and the plants outside were well and truly on their way, indeed, some had vegetables and fruits on them a good way along. yet here we are 12 months later and none of the plants have yielded any kind of crop! The year before as in 2017, a pretty decent spring, 2016 an enjoyable spring, 2015 a wet spring. I could probably through my memory alone go back through ten years worth of the weather with some clarity as to how the weather itself performed, but of course l was in different parts of country.  I might be able to go back further, but the detail would begin to falter some.  But l very distinctly remember the difference between our four seasons. But now, now l struggle, because all of our seasons no longer enjoy any definitions.

To those who say ‘climate change’ is poppycock bollocks – “Oh do grow up and smell the coffee!!” Climate change is very much a real thing, however to the ardent disbelievers if that is what you need to rock your boat or get yourself off, then go ahead and believe what you want!

But the world is warming up, weather patterns are shifting, and climates are becoming more erratic – we are seeing more aggressive mother nature strikes than ever before – Queensland in Australia, l am guessing wasn’t expecting to see snow or in June?


This time last year, the tomato plants were taller and more leafier, the tomatillos were smaller, this year a complete reversal!

In the next twenty years, l can imagine we are going to see a very different English garden and gardening habits and gardeners emerge to cope with the evolving face of plants and vegetable growing. I think we are going to see less natural lawns here in the south of England and that the weather will be drier with perhaps more torrential storms.

Some gardeners or lawn growers will have very nasty shocks. here during droughts l see careless home owners who seemingly don’t care about the environment and cannot bear to have a dried out lawn and so they will daily pour gallons of water onto their lawns to ensure they have green grass. But already we are hearing talks that in the next 15 years water companies are going to be reducing the amount of water we can have per household.  Harder weather will erode soils and the nutritions in soils! Heavier rainfall and downpours will damage plants and crops and rip away the so called valuable 10″ layer of topsoils our planet needs for survival.

This means that immaculate gardens will simply cease to exist they will be the thing you see not in books, but in digital hologram and in the future if there is indeed a future younger people will look at the elder generations who will still remember their lives as children in the previous decades as if they are simpletons!

I remember talking to a young lad of 15 or so, a couple of years ago about the Berlin Wall and he told me l was a liar, that no such wall ever existed!!!!


This time last year, these beans plants were huge and much leafier and had produced an initial crop of produce!

I can see in not too far a future from where l type today that the south of England will be having to manage on water scarcity whilst potentially in the north they will be battling more tropical problem, as the weather changes to such a degree for that area that they experience a very different weather front.

Growing up l remember that the lawns were greener still in the summer months, whilst having come from the likes of Australia, l wasn’t used to seeing vast areas of green grasslands! Now it is not uncommon due to severe heat waves and stauncher summers to see more dried up gardens in England. It used to be that lawns were mostly cut from mid to late spring till around August and yet now, l know of some gardens that experience a mowing more or less every month!


In 2018, the potato plants were higher and much, much leafier!

the reason l am briefly covering this – is because in the short while that l have been taking note of gardening and weather fronts around the world, l have seen very distinct changes in seasons that simply were not present forty years ago.

So sure, this time last year we were enjoying fabulous weather, it was hot from very early March and all of spring enjoyed glorious weather, then we had a realtively decent 2018 summer, whilst 2017 had been a scorcher.We still have the seasons, but they are all changing  with every passing year, and that is only because of climate change.

All l can imagine as our spring has passed seemingly so very quickly, is that l missed the memo! The vegetable may not be performing that well, but by golly, the poppies are rocking!


But hey! At least the poppies are happy!


8 thoughts on “I Must’ve Missed The Spring Memo But …

  1. We usually say April showers bring May flowers. This year April showers have lasted through May and June. We have also had lower temps than normal. Many farmers have not been able to get crops planted. This is not good. I suspect this fall there will be shortages and everyone will be paying the price.

    1. Hey Ruth, you are absolutely right.

      Same here, many farmers have complained about the weather – but it’s not like anyone can do anything specifically about it direcly –

      But with poor crop yields, more external purchase is then performed and who gets hit? As you say the consumer, everybody ends up paying more.

      This is no longer just a national issue it’s global.

  2. Definitely the seasons have changed and most of the time we see winter and summer…this is sad for the gardens and for the plants which have to put a strong fight to grow…
    Living in Singapore with only one season I’ve get used to it but honestly I miss spring…🌸 🌱
    However, your plants are looking great, that zucchini are gorgeous, beans plants too, full of flowers and strawberries too 😊😉

    1. Hey Ribana,

      Thank you, l keep telling Suze that – that the plants we do have are doing well, sure they may be slower, but that might mean it’s just going to be a later Indian summer 🙂

  3. Here in SoCal we seem to be stuck in spring. It’s my favorite season so I’m not complaining. We had a wetter than normal winter, again not complaining (too much😉) because we need the water. We are used to drought, water rationing, grey water on the lawn, etc… I’m hoping for a short mild summer here. July-Sept can see temps in the upper 90s-105+(35-40C) and I don’t do well in that kind of heat.

    You’re absolutely right, we’re all going to have to adjust. Some people are finally waking up to the climate damage but I’m afraid it’s going to be too little, too late.

    The Berlin Wall a myth? Oh my goodness… Just like Ronnie & Horny with their fingers hovering over the buttons dating each other to blink first. “Those who forget history…” Scary stuff!

    1. Precisely, those who forget or ignore history, those are scary people indeed!

      Gardening in the future, mm, perhaps ornamental gardens are already on the decline and what we will have is what is already starting in certain places cloning food systems – we are already destroying the bees, we are killing our world, we have never before been as far away from nature as we are today.

      It just gets scarier every new day.

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