Dear Blog – 19.19 – 17/06/19

Proposal 1 – 7 Without a Hitch!

My week starts on a Monday and l am pretty sure l have my week commencing here in WP as a Monday as well which means that next Sunday would be day 7, therefore today is day 1.

Proposal 1 – 7 Without a Hitch!

My target is/was/will be hopefully to get from 1 – 7 without a hitch!
Last week of course, was filled with hitches, most notably – the blog glitch!
Therefore l am hopeful that Monday to Sunday this week will be ‘glitch free’
I guess we will have to see, won’t we?
On that note whilst today started out ok,
A funny turn took me another way, the spaced out faraway way!
My head was all akimbo and in a dazed spin,
I didn’t even know where l was let alone where l had even been!
But there was good news to be had,
No seriously folks, it was brilliant that it wasn’t horribly bad!
The dreaded car, the shiny red devil, the Mini Cooper,
The one causing all the problems and the harassing bloopers,
Has a new owner l am so very pleased to say,
That today was a good day and more so, as it’s only Monday!
It will leave the shadows of the driveway, today,
This very evening in fact, that calls for a huge hip hip hooray!
Money’s in the bank and the buyers, well they are a commin’,
Down from Essex, and me, well me is a hummin!
With glee, and joy and woot woots,
The car is sold, the car will be gone and it’s final, it’s absolute!
So far, Monday as day one, of 1 – 7 has gone exceedingly well,
Let’s hope that the next 6, are just as joyful!!

© Rory Matier 2019

Dear Blog ……

6 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 19.19 – 17/06/19

    1. Hey GM, thank you, l am seriously pleased on many counts – all the obvious ones – but also it now pushes Jenny to her side of the affairs sorted out as well. All she does is critique me on my sloppiness for NOT getting things done.

        1. Well, with the car sold, Suze and l have done everything that was requested of us – we now don’t have to do anymore and everything left now officially falls on Jenny’s side of things. Of course, she now knows this and l was very quick to email her with the excellent news of the car sale. She has still to collect the Wisdens from the auctioneers and she is completely baffled why they have not as of yet taken the photograph of something they’ll not be selling ….

          Suze and l are expecting the call – as like you said a few weeks ago that if we expect to finalise the estate we’ll probably end up having to drive the 5 hour 240 mile round trip to fetch the damn things irrelevant to the fact that the auctioneers are a mere 16 minutes away from Jenny!

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