Hustles, Bustles, Hustling and Bustling!

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Part 1 – Phase 1

Hustles, Bustles, Hustling and Bustling!

It was a good idea at the time of conception, it was. I had been thinking about it for a few months – l don’t just DO things these days, l have to think, rethink, overthink and analyze – that’s what l do – l give everything a lot of thought. So l am prepared, l read about everything and made the decision based upon facts. The things that are causing me issues were things that were not mentioned by WordPress, so how can you prepare for things that are not written about?

I upgraded from WP Premium Plan to WP eCommerce Plan – l did this because l am taking my blog forwards equally as much as my business. We would all love to be able to earn an income from our blogs, that’s not a lie. We all talked about this in question form a few months ago.

I didn’t want WP adverts all over my blog dancing and flashing and jigging and wiggling around in front of the reader’s eyes, l just wanted a plain screen. I knew l wasn’t going to make an income from my writing – l am not a bad writer, but l am a writer and not so much an author or even a wanabee author at this present time. Yes in the future there are books l would like to pen down and write, but that’s not now, not today.

I decided to have my blog act in support of my business idea which is to be an Amazon seller. I have been studying for that for the last 8 months and l am now in the position to start taking that further forwards. But l wanted my blog to act as said as my support. I wanted to promote my hobby more – to those who don’t know – my hobby is my Classic Eggshell designs concerning Asperger’s, autism and both environmental and conservation passions. So l wanted a shop facility to promote the hobby side. I wanted to try and introduce as much diversity as l could do my blog.

That’s not a sin, it’s just business … but also l wanted to keep my blog as a blog and run the two side by side, it can be done, l don’t need two blogs to achieve this. Because at no one point will l be shoving anything down anyone’s throat because l believe in freedom of choice. and that includes how people view things.


So the decisions to move forwards were not taken lightly and came around as a result of some very careful thinking and thoughts! However l didn’t work into the equations ‘glitches’ from WordPress. Because l didn’t know and they were not written about. However since upgrading a few days ago, l have experienced more glitches than ever before! Oh well, it certainly tests a person’s positivity and gives great weight to the ‘shit happens theory!’

The first major glitch was upon upgrading and despite asking WP before l physically upgraded would there be any major issues and them saying NO! Was the upgrade turned my entire blog instantly into an eCommerce store!!!

I think l dropped a few heartbeats at that moment, and l certainly felt alarm bells ringing in my head as my ears became extremely hot! Oh you are kidding me? I thought, however the engineers sorted that out – so l cannot fault them, in fact all the way through this post – l am not going to slate the Happiness Engineers off – they do an absolutely fabulous job! Well they have with me. So l am very pleased they are there, because some of these small blimps have been very upsetting and induced unwanted stress!

My new waves of positivity l hasten to add have made this whole mess not as damaging as it might have been – l have simply tried to find a positive out of every negative! Although at times trying, l have mostly succeeded.

The second huge glitch was in fact the sudden and unrequested introduction of the Gutenberg editor to not my entire site, thank goodness, but to some of my Site Pages, but thankfully not my ‘create post pages’. But it did make things very bloody awkward for a good few hours. I did work with it to see if l could manage? Without reading about it in depth, l found this to be very, very difficult.  I did try to find the positive from the negative there and the results is … let’s just say it is easier to say l ‘at least tried!!” I’ll not be looking forwards to that editor when we no longer have the choice to use the Classic editor!

However, the positive from that experience was ‘it displayed to me how some of my current Site Pages and their layout would look under the rule of Gutenberg and so l am now able to make the right adjustments to my blog in long range preparedness for the introduction of the Gutenberg editor. It’s frustrating, but at least by redoing those pages now, l will save the enormity of doing it much later! I might get along with the Gutenberg however l feel that a lot of us, may struggle with it come the future.

However, this was corrected by at least 99%, by this l mean they did turn my blog back to Classic editor – and the Site Pages were corrected, although that then introduced the third annoying glitch!


I used to be able to edit pages from my blog, as in going through the front way of my blog rather than going through the dashboard way. It made quick edits way easier. However if l do that now, the page opens up to neither the Classic editor or the Gutenberg editor but an almost l suppose ‘engineers editor’ – you know as in also behind the scenes of the Classic editor!? So now l can no longer perform quick front door edits on any of my posts, and l have to go into my dashboard and edit from that entry point which takes me back to Classic editor style! Ok, so the positive from this, is it makes me explore more of my blog’s function keys and areas! Good learning curve!

The fourth glitch which is annoying to say the very least happened about ten days ago initially and you may recall, that was the disappearing ‘morning post’ – but l figured that was a one off. Except in the last few days this has happened three times almost on the trot including this morning! Luckily this morning was not  the greeting post but was one that was set to be published at 03.45am UK time, and it didn’t launch! The other two more frustratingly were the I Just Wanted To Say posts which does annoy me. However the engineers have said that occasionally WP does experience missed scheduled times and l should consider installing the Scheduled Post Trigger plug in, which l shall do later today, so at least there is a fix for that ….

Howver, if l thought four glitches were enough to deal with, l discovered my 5th glitch last night which was a real PITA! As you know, l do like to share the posts of my fellow readers, in reblogs, l know many of you don’t care for that for practice yourselves, but you don’t mind receiving a reblog of some of your posts either. Reblog or sharing the work of another blogger is something that l do a lot of and l like doing it.

But last night l went to reblog three posts, and l did reblog them however the reblogs did not display on my blog space at all!  So l talked to them again this morning, and once they sorted out the missed schedule problem, they then proceeded to tell me that l couldn’t do it anymore.


Here’s the conversation, l feel some of the more tech savvy readers will understand the complication and perhaps explain it to me …


Good morning ….

“Another issue is last night l reblogged three posts by other bloggers and although on their posts it tells me l have reblogged those posts of theirs, they are not appearing on my blog at all? I was just reading something concerning reblogging content with regards other bloggers and my site now being commercial. Is it true that now that my blog is ecommercial over premium l can no longer reblog another blogger’s content?”


Yeah, Reblog is a special feature, which gets deactivated once a plugin is installed on the site.

This is done to avoid potential conflicts with third-party plugins that offer similar features.

You can use this plugin as a workaround:


Ok thank you, l am really new to plug ins as a whole concept. So the two links you have displayed to me are ‘plug ins’ and the second one will enable me to continue being able to reblog content from other bloggers?


Um, the second plugin will enable the reblog feature for your site.

But if you want to reblog content from other bloggers, they would need to install and configure that plugin on their site.

Does that make sense?


Of sorts, so does this mean that if they don’t have the reblog plug in, l cannot reblog their content?

If l was to not hit ‘reblog’ but to basically display the content in a shared link form, would that be easier?

In fact that might be the easier option, that way l can make a feature post of showing half a dozen links for half a dozen blogs with a small review for each post? That way l would avoid any conflict with plug ins?



Yeah, adding the links manually would be the easiest option to share interesting links with your visitors.



Okay, that’s brilliant – l think reblog in some respects makes us a little lazy ha ha it’s quick and convenient, but at least this way l can still be community orientated, okay superb – sorted 🙂


Let me know if you need any further help.


I am good for the time, but thank you once again for all help 🙂


So there we go, the easiest way now for me to actually reblog from my blog to your blog, is to pose them as links which l will now do as a feature of perhaps half a dozen to one post.

So far five main and rather annoying glitches or blimps if you prefer that have been sorted out, and has exercised quite the learning curve admittedly – l am to change domain shortly l want to change this  into either .net or .org rather than keep it as purely blog, so l am hoping that there are no problems with this. Because all these glitches do essentially is slow me down on my plans for the day! But, but, hey ho as Lisa of All About Life has just said “Tony Robbins would say that confusion is a great place to start changing your life” And both of them are right, one for saying it and the other for quoting it!


8 thoughts on “Hustles, Bustles, Hustling and Bustling!

    1. Hey Ashley, yeah l hope that these 5 glitches remain the only ones that l have problems with. I know once l start to progress the business side to things there may be others, but l will tackle that as they come alone. For the time being, these 5 have mostly been sorted, but l would be lying if l said it hadn’t crossed my mind that l wished l hadn’t pressed upgrade ha ha 🙂

  1. And I thought ‘down grading’ my site from “dot com” to “dot blog” was a trial. Turns out that I don’t need EITHER, I have my domain and that’s cheaper than either of those two AND my blog site is free. If I were you and experienced all those problems, I’d simply open a second site devoted to blogging, your contests and fun games and reblogs. Then you can concentrate on your business on one hand, but still have the features you want. And yes, that’s a LOT of work too. Good luck. I know you’ll overcome, because that’s just how YOU roll.

    1. Hey Melanie,

      Yeah these are annoying – but l have made my bed, now l must lay upon it. It is just a case of getting the right bedding 🙂

      I always run my hobbies and my businesses together – lhave always done it since my first ever hobby business took off when l was 12. It’ll work out in the end. Once the branding starts to come on board it’ll start to re\allt shape up.

      Also, once l get through this business of hallucinations which l am not the only one who suspects it is coming off the tramadol causing it, l mention this because l hadn’t thought of it, and because of it, everything else is almost like a clusterfuck in my mind if you get what l mean.

      Once l have got that and my head together it’ll all roll out for the best 🙂

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