Beginning to wonder …..

I am beginning to wonder if l am actually here at times? This week, well since upgrading, there seems to be all kinds of things happening that were not happening before, and it gets to the point you really do wonder WHY you upgraded in the first place if there is this kind of annoyance! This week has become almost surreal in so far as annoyances!

Does anyone have any experience with the following?

You reblog published content and it reads reblogged on the post from the other blog, but it doesn’t show up anywhere on your own blog?

I have reblogged two posts from two different locations in the last 35 minutes and not one has shown up in my own space? Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Thanks Rory

11 thoughts on “Beginning to wonder …..

  1. There is some changes that had happened.. I myself could not understand but an explanation was given by a fellow blogger on this, they sited as..
    “Once you go commercial then the reblog option is disabled. If you reblog then it’ll be counted as duplicate post which Google will then penalize. Whichever post gets indexed first by google will be counted as original. The rest even if original will be counted as plagiarism or duplicate. Hence it’s better not to reblog”

    Hope this helps

  2. I don’t reblog but I feel my reader count has gone down since i paid. I guess I don’t care, but it’s weird. My followers have gone up however.

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