Fifty Shades of Nuance!


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These posts are my views on my autism/Asperger’s, they may not be everyone else’s who is on the spectrum.

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Fifty Shades of Nuance!


For as long as l can remember l have loved words, using them, understanding them and getting to learn new ones, l have toyed with them, bounced them around, made up new ones, added bits to them – simple facts – l love words! I have adored writing them down, listening to them being used, hearing the accents that others use to describe them to suit their purpose.

Being a wordsmith is an art, a skilled ‘user’ of words, an entrepreneur specialising in wordery, there is an absolute beauty for me when it comes to words! I love reading words as well, and l read millions of words every year. I read a lot of books every year, not hundreds but more than the average Joemight read. All of these books are filled with words, old words, new words and ancient words.

Some people don’t read a lot of books a year, some people never read – they say it’s boring. I used to know people who struggled to read one book a year – just one book a year – it’s nothing really, but they refused to read on the grounds that it was antiquated and not forgetting really boring! It’s not that people don’t read, they read more than they may think, but they find the actual physical reading of books boring.

Every day of every month or every given year most of the reading population are reading in one format or another. Most people whether they cognitively understand are reading thousands of words daily. It is reputed that the average adult person will read 300 words per minute, other reports and studies suggest that we consume 100,000 words a day through reading, listening and speaking – 100,000 words a day!!

In many ways for a nation that is not fond of reading, the average person will munch their way through nearly 40,000,000 words a year! The average person! The average adult book comprises nearly 95,000 words, although some books are just secure at 60,000. When l was younger l used to demolish around seven books on a weekend and sometimes ten books on the week itself, never mind what l was using at school, never mind other forms of literature – l was known as a book worm – geek l may well have been, whichever term – it was me down to a T.

With books and words you are encouraged to enter another arena of learning, and with the words arena of course comes the speaking and languages arena! Words are easy by themselves to understand, people by themselves usually are the same! However when you get people using words with other people, then sometimes it is called using the words of their language together! Then it can become confusing, and then it can almost become a different language. You see people and people become a community and when there is more than one community together – well that’s a society!

When you have different people, and different communities together forming a society, using the confusing different language then you are introduced to society’s secret language! Then life becomes even more confusing and overly complicated and complex! It is at this point, that beautiful words are turned into something else, which is not so straight forward, not so black and white – no, it becomes grey and a minefield that needs mapping out!

When l was younger, using just words, life was pretty easy, it only became overwhelming in many ways when people climbed up on board my bandwagon and tried steering it their way, manipulating how they wanted me to interact with them.

Back then l didn’t know l was on the autism spectrum, but l did know that people pissed me off, they took perfectly good words and almost raped them to suit their own needs – they sort of put them into some kind of societal word blender and did strange things with them – so simple words could suddenly become ‘sarcastic words’, or ‘puns’ or even ‘innuendoes!’

Of course l am older now and can to a certain degree run with the wolves or run with the pack if you wish, l can hold my own in some quarters and no longer have the dreadful fear of people abusing my words to suit their own desires! I can say now, with sincerity that just words are truly beautiful works of art with the right artist. That those who say the tongue is a mighty sword are only partially right, it is indeed the mind behind the tongue that can do the utmost damage or deliver intimate pleasure.

A skilful WordStar can cut you down with sarcasm, seduce you with innuendoes or drop on you an explosive expletive , tickle you with double meaning puns, throw a quip at you as fast as a master swordsman might cut you to the quick!

Words are the ultimate ammunitions to an arsenal of even the most advanced weaponry, for words alone can both stop and start arguments, conflicts and wars! Words can stop the impact of a fired bullet from erasing your mind and making you simply cease to exist! Words are dangerous and unbelievably welcomed.


Society sadly at times forgets to say what it means, but more importantly, mean what it says, you can’t have one without the other, although in truth, you can because society with its desire to embellish and widen the truth, can have anything it so wants. They have a way of expression and explaining things to other society members that some of us, have been left in the dark with and not over the moon with, we haven’t seen the light, like they have. But society is like that, they can trade idioms like kids trade off Trump cards – they are remarkably skilled in that area.

It is hard at times to understand the language of words when two people differently abled to each other are in the same room, it’s fine when they are both talking the same ‘language’ but not when they’re not! There are so many hidden shades in words, nuances shine brightly and in various degrees to another. Fifty shades of grey in this instance is very much a correct turn of words to describe the jargon of society through the eyes of not just the autistic spectrum but one can see the differences highlighted to a foreigner new to the language not native to their tongue or mind.

Truth be known, l have found it by far easier to talk with people who do not speak English as their first articulation and despite many thinking we must converse in gibberish, we do not, we converse as two equals – we get on and by with no hidden diction, it is more than possible to have a conversation in this manner and whilst it may be at first confusing, we figure out a way of entertaining dialogue.

There are no oblique’s, metaphors, conjectures or even an indirectness of not ‘Saying what you mean’, but more of a genuine discourse that can above everything be listed amongst the most colourfully vibrant commentary two people can share – the art of social conversation is far from dead. There are no confusions to be taken literally, no abstractivity or misunderstanding lost in translation with misinterpretations – it is again a straight forward ‘chat’ between two people.

It took me a good many years to cut to the chaff of a conversation with people, to come to grips with the fact that just because you learn words, and in so doing absorb the language of your people it doesn’t automatically qualify you to speak within your society with 100% clear cut understanding and comprehensions – that words out there are not just words with some people – they might be forming part of their figurative speech!

That our language is not at times 100% black and white and that there are double meanings to words and phrases like ‘Raining cats and dogs, Pull your socks up, Hop over there, l gave them a piece of my mind let me tell you! You just did tell me, surely? “Don’t call me Shirley!”

I am NOT saying that l am always clear of the woods, l am not, and even now in my fifties occasionally l am caught out, not with just words of course, but usually the expression of just words, how they may turn them to their advantage.

I like people to be direct with me, speak to me in a clear cut black and white manner because l fully understand what they are saying – l just want people ‘to say what they mean, and mean what they say’ and we will get alongjust swimmingly!’

I love this song!!

How about you? Struggle with our language?


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