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The Problem With Mice … or is it Mouse?

In the overall scheme of things – l am not that difficult a person, l am not as complicated as some people try and have me believe – Of course there are times when l am complicated and complex but generally that is no different to other people, you know? I am for the better part – very basic and quite simple but above everything, quite easily pleased!

Yes, at my own concession – my prompts when l was doing them could be confusing, complicated and convoluted – but l don’t do those anymore, because they were too damn complex to keep running and more importantly continue to maintain. It’s obvious l cannot truly make simple prompts – well with the exception of the three l have in place, which makes me wonder where that multiverse has got to again? Mm, note to self look for that!

Anyway, l digressed. It’s been a strange week for me, l have been up and down, out of sync, off whack and experiencing a host of other confusingly annoying hiccups.  I am in the process of changing the face of my blog’s direction, studying for a new business and relocating my office in the house. My head is filled with too many ideas and l am bouncing all over the place, too easily distracted and cannot seemingly focus with so many plates spinning in the air. You know?

I am still having to allocate time to the remainder of the estate and my father’s will and although very sparingly l am still communicating with my sister and hopefully by the end of June that will be a completed process. Suze is travelling to Australia on the 27th to go and see her daughter and the grandkids and is away for just under three weeks.

I have a surprise for her that is now completed and awaiting her collection from Sydney. Suze and her daughter who lives in Adelaide are taking a few days out over one weekend and travelling to Sydney for a break, and when there l have organized something for her to collect from Kat of Family Furore who as you may know runs Meisha Mosaics and whilst l know Kat is displaying the part of the surprise Suze knows about on her blog in the form of a published post – what Suze doesn’t know is that the piece l commissioned Kat to craft is only one part of the surprise.  You can check out Kat’s post here and l will write my post up when Suze departs for Australia later this month. You can read Kat’s Post here Rainbow Dragonfly.

But in addition to this l have all sorts going on … l am well over my first week of giving up smoking, and equally over my first week of not taking as many Tramadol so l think this lack of concentration might be found in there. I have experienced a few minor glitches with WordPress since upgrading my Premium to eCommerce – mostly they have been sorted, but there are still a few niggles that need ironing out.

Also l am starting to restabilise my sleep pattern as well as working on a new health care strategy. For months l have been going to bed later and later and it was getting very close to the time of not even bothering to go to bed, it was THAT late! So, now that l have finally managed to glean the knowledge of my direction for both myself and the blog and myself and a business concept l need to get myself back into a business head mode.

I will start writing about this soon enough as l am working with Lisa of Lismore Paper who l have commissioned to create a new branded look for my blog and so far she is doing a fantastic job and the new branded look is great! In addition to that l have new ideas for my sidelines in so far as my hobby, which l am going to have Lisa help me with as well. So there is an awful amount going on and ongoing all at once. It’s quite the balancing act!


But l am slowly gaining ground on this ….

With the glitches this week from the upgrade this slowed me down considerably, and even this morning, my scheduled post dated morning post didn’t appear again, that’s twice now in three days – so that has to be investigated as to why this keeps happening when it shouldn’t.

I finally gave up World of Warcraft last week, l uninstalled the game from my computer, that has been the first time l have ever done that intentionally  as in with a view of it never being reinstalled again. I started playing that game in 2004, when the game first launched with the Vanilla expansion and l have been a loyalist to that brand for all those years. I purchased each expansion whether l should have done or not, l did it. But l never played the last expansion Battle for Azeroth – l just bought it out of loyalty.

However l am no longer a gamer anymore, l have found myself drifting away from hard core gaming for roughly two years – or l should say since l started blogging. The truth is not a rocket science formula, l happen to enjoy blogging more than gaming. I still love a good quality strategy PC game or a game of mahjong – but not really into anything more elaborate than that anymore.

Also because of the ever changing and evolving me, l have decided to offload my gaming PC. This thing is a beast – l mean a real beast. It was custom made back in 2015, and if anything it is so good they call them ten year machines – this thing as long as it is kept sweet will last technology wise the owner for a good ten years. It is also designed to be expanded upon as it has the space to do that. What it doesn’t have the space for is however to shrink! I had debated keeping it to move my new business forwards, but it is too open and l knew that in order for me to work, l would need to do a complete change!

IMG_0420 (3)

The Beast!

I bought myself a new desktop pc ‘HP ENVY ‘ which is great for everything l currently do, but also for everything else l want to do like the blogging, vlogging and podcasting – so am very very pleased with that.

For the last couple of weeks l have been watching how l blog, which is why there have been certain changes to way l blog and the frequency of how l blog to try and stabilise a routine for my blogging which is fairer to all parties. I want to be able to write my content equally as much as read  content from other bloggers and yet the latter is one of the hardest things to actually acquire for me. I realised that the only way to physically achieve this was to stop writing! Well that cannot happen not as in – never write again – but l did come to realise that l could stop writing my own content to a certain degree.

I tried a new system called Readicate Share Days where for two days l would keep my own published content very slim and then l would catch up with my hard core follower readership. The two days l chose were a Wednesday and a Thursday two weeks ago – that worked and l was going to trial it again this last week gone, but l had these glitches start with the upgrading on my blog and that delayed me horribly again.

But the two days where upon all l did was  read and dedicate the shares or reblogs of posts l found to be funny, informative, educational and otherwise seriously interesting to my own readership – worked tremendously well. I had found my answer to being able to balance my routine, and so from July l will only write my own content for publishing from Monday to Friday but for Saturday and Sunday l will catch up with my readership and only have the bare minimum of content from me available.

Yesterday l found myself looking for two new wireless pieces for the new computer. It came with both a wireless mouse and a keyboard but they were dysfunctional to me and fugly! I am not some kind of aesthetic freak, but l need to be able to work with my mouse and keyboard really well. I use a computer for basically close to 19 hours a day, so like most others my mouse and keyboard need to feel good to me. Keyboards are relatively easy to source, okay admittedly l am not particularly au fait with wireless, and this will be the first desktop set up for me where these two will not be hard wired. I struggle with wireless things because l simply don’t feel like l am connected! Yeah, yeah l know – that’s just silly!

The problem with mice, is that I dread looking for a new one, really seriously dread it , because l cannot abide too fancy a mouse, so l don’t want a mouse that makes the tea for me. I don’t want a fancy gamers mouse. I have a gamers mouse now with a 5 million click to it. I have had it for four years, and it is only now starting to feel a little bit odd – does this mean l have clicked my mouse 5 million times? But l remember the time l took to get this mouse, and this one is just a basic fancy mouse. but it took me two weeks of decision making. That’s way too long as a time to decide upon a mouse l know, but yesterday there l was looking for a new mouse!!!

It was a serious hardship – Suze was very tolerant l have to say, l guess she couldn’t understand why l sounded like both Statler and Waldorf at the same time when looking through pages and pages of mice, is it mice or is it mouses? Got to be mouse right? Plural of mouse is mice, but does that apply to computer mice also??

I could not believe the sheer volume of mice now on the market place – ergonomics, phallic looking, small ones, stiff ones, fugly ones,  pretty ones, mechanicals, opticals, infrareds, buttoned ones, trackballs, stylus, cordless, colourful ones, shiny,  matt and the list just went on and on and on!

I said to Suze l only wanted a basic mouse, that despite what people thought about me, l just wanted a really simple mouse that was functional, that DID not have everywhere covered in buttons, or shiny flashing thingamajiggeries,, that it wasn’t to be too small, or too big or, or, or …. that l just wanted a simple mouse!!

So in the end l got this ……


……. it’s quite dinky and it’s a monkey wearing a tie!

But it is simple, it’s the right size, l think it has the right height for the heel of my hand, it’s wireless, it’s a three button mouse which is ALL l need and to boot, it’s quirky! What more could anyone ask for? But the best bit is …. it only took me four hours to find it!!! How cool is that?

Dear Blog ……

11 thoughts on “Dear Blog – The Problem With Mice …

    1. Exactly, l don’t no why some people seemingly think they need more than the basic three buttons ? Beats me, l want a mouse to be simples – simples 🙂

  1. I like your Monkey Mouse, too, Rory! He has such “presence” and I feel like you’ll be very happy together. I think it was four hours well invested.

      1. Here’s hoping so indeed. And as I’ve said, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity! It’s really been a privilege, plus I’ve gained so much 🙂

        1. No problem Kat, l will do more of a promotion as we get nearer the time as well 🙂 I have a new series to introduce which is about promoting Crafty Bloggers 🙂

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