Dear Blog – 15.08 – 14/06/19

Life’s Curved Balls!

It wasn’t supposed to be one of those days. But it turned into one of those days, it got better though about 30 minutes ago.

I forgot l had an eye appointment today – but Suze had hers at midday, mine was to follow at 12.25 , buuuuuuuuuuuuuut luck had other plans for me and it decided that today l was NOT going to have my appointment! Okay, so now it’s next Friday. We had fish and chips and now feel like little roly poly’s. We didn’t eat out as we have huge seagulls down here, you know the ones that are related directly to pterodactyls and they tend to swoop down and attempt to steal not just a chip, but the entire contents. The size of them acts as a form of ‘Don’t eat on the beachfront warning!” So we ate our F&C here at home!

Good news – the Mini Cooper is now sold to the last buyer who had bad luck befall his side to the sale. So hopefully by this weekend, that car will be off our drive – yay! Maybe these thoughts of positivity are starting to pay off! When the money is in the bank, that’s this baby gone!!

But ha ha – now l am behind again, l am still behind the last behind, l am so behind l am thinking of just going backwards so as to catch up with myself!

Dear Blog ……

12 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 15.08 – 14/06/19

  1. We have the same seagulls. You can always sort the tourists cuz they lose their food. LOL.
    Glad that cursed car will be leaving soon. Hopefully the bad juju won’t affect the new owners.
    Methinks the universe may be telling you to slow down and smell the roses…or F&C.

    1. Ha ha – l always smell the roses 🙂

      We have right proper smelly roses here in the garden – not like some of these unscented flowers in the florists 🙂

      1. Yeah, why do florist’s flowers have no scent? My ex had a landscaping business and every time he had to trim someone’s roses he’d bring them home. Our house smelled so good!

        1. I think the scent drops the more hybridised they become … failing that, no idea.

          But the more they commercialise some things the weaker the overall integrity becomes.

  2. It’s never supposed to be one of those days but they happen. The one sure thing is it’s always gonna get better. Glad it is for you. ☺

  3. I definitely can relate to far behind! I’m at least two weeks behind in my blogging right now due to family events. Seagulls? They carry away full bags of chips on this side of the pond! Some call them the rats of the sky, but I still enjoy them.

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