Dear Blog – 23.52 – 13/06/19

Positively Glitched!

I find it truly amazing at times how a small clink in the chain, can break a link and in turn cause a chain link reaction! Like the rolling stone that can cause an avalanche, the faster it gets the more momentum it gathers until it is so huge and awesome that it is purely devastating … luckily however whilst l experienced another day like this today, it didn’t truly knock me over, just affected my gait and stride for a while!

However, as you know l am trying to be above positive of late and l am impressed with my achievements so far – it’s now a week of no smoking as in an actual cigarette or raw tobacco – l don’t have the pangs for it – But l have got the vaper and liquid and l have got the right recipe so l am really pleased with myself.

I am thinking positive thoughts with my shoulder and neck and taking less tablets l have now been on less tablets for four days – l was on 12 per day and sometimes 13/15 and now l am on 6 – 8 a day. I am not going to say l don’t have pain – for l do – but the credo of ‘no pain, no gain’ is what l am working with now. So another aspect of being pleased with myself.

I am now very consciously aware of the direction l wish to take my blog and my business and l have been working with a lot of dedication since January this year with regards improvement strategies and as l have just said to a friend, if l could find the successful recipe with regards balance of my content writing versus reading other content from other bloggers – well it may well complete me, you know – you had me at hello!

Currently l have so much going on, that l really didn’t need today’s glitches, but l managed to secure at least one positive thought through the negativity before the issues were thankfully resolved.

Instead of getting up at the right time this morning despite retiring to bed earlier – the rain was so horrendous outside when Suze left for work at 8am that l knew Scrappy would not wish to be walked getting wet through and promptly fell asleep again – until 8.55am!

Thoroughly annoyed with myself l got up, shaved and showered but madam Scrappy was still in her bed snoring her head off, so l got myself a coffee and logged into my blog, only to discover that the post dated greetings post set to go live at 6.15am – was nowhere to be seen? Despite the dashboard telling me it had been published at 6.15, but it was still sitting in the scheduler waiting to be published at 6.15am at 10.15am? Oh joy l thought, it’s going to be another one of those days!!

It throws me out of sync when l have set posts up to go live when l am offline and that doesn’t happen!

Yesterday l took the plunge and upgraded my blog from Premium plan to a couple of stages upwards in readiness for my business later on this year early next – only to discover that in certain Site Pages the Gutenberg Editor had installed itself – OMG!! Was all l could say. Now l did try working with it for a couple of hours, but it was and is remarkably slower and more so if like me you are NOT overly familiar with it! The real annoyance was that it wasn’t all the way through the entire blog, just in certain pages and thankfully [l say lightly] that it wasn’t on Post Pages but purely in Site Pages – so no biggie right?

Well yeah, because l put a lot of data into some of my Site Pages so the last thing l needed was this! It meant that instead of doing what l was planning to do, l had to start reformatting my Site Pages because of my use of grids that in Gutenberg are simply not compatible – they look fine on the outside as in from a reader’s perspective, but not from the inner workings side and more of a problem for someone who has methodical OCD!!

In addition to that l noticed there were other problems, like overlapping posts on my Home Page, a visual nightmare, or menus not functioning properly! To say the least it was becoming a bit more than a n eyesore, but  a serious stress point!

Luckily the Happiness Engineer was able to resolve and rectify all of these issues without hitch – it happened because of the plug ins that are included naturally in some of the upgrades, as l do not specifically  have any plug ins [well apart from the one the engineer enabled for me which is the one that turns off Gutenberg editor and returns the Classic editor!

But the positive feature l learned was this … that l had to change  the layout of some of my Site Pages, because l saw what Gutenberg actually did to those pages, they went from functional to absolute nightmare.

There is going to come a time perhaps when we might not have the option of using the Classic WP editor and can ONLY use the new one – luckily it’s not today – but it did give me the shot across the bow that simply said ‘take these grids out and think of something more basic.

The blog is now 98% fixed, l have to ask about an issue that l have noticed – but it can wait till tomorrow.  However, now l am playing catch up again – grr, l had just caught up ‘ish, now l am behind again most assuredly!

Dear Blog ……

16 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 23.52 – 13/06/19

    1. Hey Stoner, hope you are keeping well.

      Yes, l hope WP get these little long term glitches sorted out – l think aside from this specific glitch today – l would really like to see the pingback glitch sorted out, as well as the missing comments glitches.

      1. Oh God the missing comments glitch 😭
        Yesterday somebody replied to a comment I did 6 months back, and now I don’t know what to do with it.

        I’m mortified by the thought of monetizing my site as I know they really mess things up in conversion.

        I’m good. 🙂

  1. Best of luck, as change is usually fraught with a few problems. But you have ironed out quite a lot already. 🍀☘️

  2. I’m glad the glitch was easily fixed and that it didn’t send you on a meltdown spiral. I am also very, VERY happy that you slept more! Your body needed it!
    I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re behind (or is that “feel your behind”? LOL) but, (hee hee) you’re better rested and better prepared, so the catch up will be productive instead of useless spinning.
    Now, off to bed JB!😉

    1. Hey Grandma, l have things to do. My new ‘bed time’ for this week is 2am [way better than 4.30am] and next week l will try for a 1 am retire time. I simply cannot do earlier than 1am, and 1 is a hard one to achieve, but l will be happier if l can simply secure 6 hours sleep a night to be better prepared for the days 🙂

      1. Six hours is a reasonable goal. I’d like to get six hours myself. You gotta do the things that make you happy for sure! I like that you’ve factored sleep into it.
        Carry on then… LOL

        1. Normally l would not factor sleep into it, but this shoulder injury in order to hear with natural positivity requires me to be consciously aware of flaws in my health – so sleep is a ‘thang’ to be factored in now 🙂

  3. Oh well I did not try yet Gutenberg and I’m afraid that when we will need to use only Gutenberg I’ll be screwed up…:( Is quite a long time now that I’m thinking of changing my theme but only because I remember how hard was to do the actual one as it is now, I’m keep postponing it…:( Oh well, the good part is that for now we can still use the classic WP 🙂
    I’m glad you’re keep going without tobacco and less tablets! Keep going Rory! You can do it 🙂

    1. Thanks Ribana – the thing about the editors is l don’t know why they have introduced Gutenberg, when ClassicWP works well anyway. My credo is always the same but simple – if it aint broke, don’t fix it’

  4. Sigh. The dread of them getting rid of the Classic once and for all scares me. And I don’t look forward to the day they do just that.

    An a more positive note, congratulations on going a week without cigarettes!

    1. Thank you with regards the smoking thing – l am as chuffed as peanuts about that also.

      I went into town today and everywhere there was cigarette smoke, and l just found it 100% disgusting rather than before when it held some mmm factor to it.

      As to Gutenberg editor, l dread that too Barb. With the errors happening yesterday and see what it did to my grids l thought damnations if l still have these grids present come official Gutenberg days l think l might slit my throat – things have got to change for the simpler now lol!

  5. Omg, I feel your pain so deeply. I’ve been on live chat to my site hosting for a couple of hours today 😡

    1. Hey Kim, exactly it’s an absolute nightmare or rather it was, there are only small glitches now. But l do wonder why WP are so keen to take Gutenberg on board as it has so many negative viewings and comments as a whole.

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