The Greater Impact On You Is?

The Greater Impact On You Is?

What makes for a greater impact on you in so far as your reading audience on your content posts?




Grade each one respectively as in which of the three you prefer personally, but then also – What do you consider the better compliment to your posts?

Let me know in the comment section below – thanks Rory


42 thoughts on “The Greater Impact On You Is?

    1. I wish you would stop underselling yourself Gary – my friend you produce great content posts – you have a superb following, you are great at interaction and engagement 🙂

      You are a great blogger 🙂

  1. The most effective way to tell someone that you like their post would be to share it. Then comment on it and if you can’t, then liking the post. But all three actions show that you have read the post.

  2. Are we rating this on a scale from one to ten? Kidding. LOL!
    Personally, I love comments. I like to leave them out of appreciation and I love receiving them as well.
    Sharing? I try to share ones that knock me off my feet, whether it be poetry, an article, a story, a personal accomplishment… Something that I find moving, I want to share with others.
    I certainly appreciate “Likes”, but not when they’re shot out like bullets. I’m sorry, but no one can read 12 posts in under a minute… Give me a break!

            1. I know, and that’s the thing, the thing l really struggle with and try to find balance on, reading other blogs, commenting, absorbing and still write the content l wish to write without coming across as selfish or egotistical.

              Sure l could do that, l could simply hit like, like, like, more like, even more likes, but what is the bloody point in simply doing that?

              I think people do it out of a sense of social media obligation. But all it really does is screw up your stats. i don’t really watch stats that much but my likes are always like l should imagine others too very high, and higher on the days when l might have between 3 – 5 people hitting up to at times 20 likes!

              I get to the point that l don’t like LIKE lol!

              1. I’m almost frightened to hit this like button 😀
                I generally try to read as much as I can on these comment threads, it can be really interesting to know what makes people tick. Dare I press send here :O

  3. Comments followed by likes. By shares do you mean reblog? Some people do little writing of their own and primarily reblog what others have written. That doesn’t do much for me. But if someone reblogs one of my posts because it really impressed them and they felt compelled to share it with others, that’s special.

    1. Ishare a lot as you know Fandango, so perhaps l am guilty as hell. But l only/reblog what 1] l find funny and 2] what has made an impact on me. The other day you wrote something that really had a huge impact on me about environment and that needed sharing.

  4. I don’t think I have a preference. I think it’s great when people interact with my blog, and the way they choose to do it is up to them and their own personal preferences.

  5. I love comments! Likes are great too. I enjoy reblogs like yours, Rory, but not those weird sites that are all reblogs and no content of their own. I guess they exist only for ads. Annoying!

    1. Hey Paula, l am the same, l love comments, l am becoming adverse likes and that is a terrible thing to say, but l am more adverse the likes where the likes are made ten a penny for every 12 seconds. The no content blogs who make a comment and when you say thanks they then answer with ‘check out my site’ irks me a lot as well.

        1. Hey Paula, exactly and that’s what happens ……. every time it happens l think ….

          ……….you hit like on my site ten time in quick succession, l am not going to reciprocate, l am just going to keep a wide berth from you, if you want interaction and engagement from me, then interact lol!

          1. Okay. This conversation got me curious, so I just visited one. It’s so funny! Her posts mirror her liking habits. She has tons of one-liner posts that are links to YouTube vids and other things. Theme: angels. If she ever comments, then I will engage.

            1. Precisely – it’s not rocket science is it? It’s communicable tit for tat you talk, l talk, you no talk, l no talk 🙂

              It’s easy and yet, we have many that simply like away and hit like – like there’s no tomorrow or even a next day and they never talk???

              So what gives?

            2. The other thing is – and you and l have had this discussion countless times, l cannot get to every single blogger fairly every day, but l don’t just like, like, like, like every blogger out there for the sake of it. Which is why you and l don’t just like for the sake of it, we try and read, and engage and communicate – but maybe that is not important to others??

              1. Idk! I mean, I do like sometimes without commenting. I don’t always have a comment, or I may save the post to comment on later, and then think, nah, nevermind, and just give it a like. But I read it! Maybe the rapid-likers are trying to build a following and someone told them to do it this way, that bloggers love lots of likes. Who knows?!

              2. Really is that a thing that people are advised on 🙂 You can just see the conversation between mentor and newb 🙂

                So, just like ok, like everything.
                Do l not need to comment then?
                No, just like, bloggers love likes!
                Do bloggers not like comments then?
                No, not really they love likes!!

  6. Thanks for asking Rory,
    I must say, that like most bloggers, I do love comments the best, it is a good chance to connect with like minded people and get to know each other better.

    Likes are great, to interact with others who have similar interests. I usually follow those ‘likes’ back to their blogs.

    Shares nah, those are not so important. I am here for the fun and passion of writing, I’m not trying to sell or advertise anything. As Paula says, I find those shares annoying and fill up my wp reader, I generally stop following those.

    Spoiler alert… I can’t find many people, like myself, who write in rhyme. Perhaps you can recommend some blogs to me? Cheers Rory. 🙂

    1. I have reworked this answer – came across as wrong. apologies.

      Victoria – great answer – l think first of all – comments lead the way for all of it is by far the best interaction there is. I used to like getting likes however since the Likemonly Beast made its presence known on my blog, l shy at that – the blogger that comes along as likes for the sake of liking, does none of us any justice and by this l mean , twelve likes in ten seconds if not less, is not a blogger liking our content at all. I do have a bone of contention with this beast, and am thinking of writing a poem about it.

      Shares – Well l do share a lot as know Victoria, l do so because as l explained to Paula, some time ago, just because the Op has published something to their readership, doesn’t always mean that readership has seen it. A second posting as in share or reblog from another blogger means my readership is seeing it, the shared crossover readerships are seeing it and new readers not following the Op see it and might feel inclined to follow the Op.

      I reblog a lot of my own stuff for instance also because just because l posted something a year ago, doesn’t mean that everyone following me today has seen it.

      Many bloggers don’t like to do shares/reblogs because it might make their own blogs look untidy or unkempt or distract from what they purposely create themselves as their own content – again that doesn’t hold water with me. You said you came from advertising – well you also know that marketing, promotions, advertising are important things as a self promoting blogger for whatever reason we are here, The first rule of thumb is to advertise ourselves more, to interact, to communicate, to engage to be people orientated because reading, writing and blogging cannot exist without the people.

      All words need to be read by others and not just the creator, because that is when those words come to life – so l believe that the job of each blogger as part of the community is to advertise not just ourselves but everyone 🙂

      For me shares, is my best way of communicating my thanks and pleasure at another blogger’s content – sometimes l just can’t always get to every post they have written and l hope that by sharing a post of theirs that maybe it is as good as either a genuine like or comments.

      Well as to rhymers, there are more out there than you might think, but what l would do is perhaps ask your readership directly who likes to write in rhyme? 🙂

  7. Hey Rory, did I say something to upset you?
    I am not sure what you are saying in your reply here.

    You have asked everyone the same questions about what our preferences are in likes, comments etc. and I replied with my own personal preferences.

    There is absolutely no doubt, that you are doing everyone a great service, you don’t need to explain that to anyone. This is one of the reasons, that I think twice before making comments.on blogs.

    Sorry if I have caused you any offence. :/

    1. No, no, don’t be silly Victoria – you haven’t upset me in the slightest 🙂

      If anything, it’s my fault, typical Aspie answer l am afraid. I was thinking about your answer which was a great answer and thinking about the share thing, that was all.

      My fault, bad deliverance 🙂

  8. Hi Rory, hope you’re having a good day. I still remember the first time someone left a comment on my blog – I couldn’t believe it! After I stopped freaking out I managed to reply. I’m still genuinely humbled when people take the time to comment, especially if they share their personal experience in response to what I’ve written. So I’d have to say 1.Comments, 2.Shares, 3.Likes – they’re all great, though. Thanks for making me reflect on this.

    1. Hey Julie, well the sun is shining and it’s not raining, same for you on the upper east coast??

      I know what you mean about the first comment 🙂

      Also, totally agree with the combi 1, 2, 3 in that config 🙂

      1. You’re lucky with the sunshine – it’s been raining solidly here in Norfolk for 24 hours! Please send some of that sun our way 🙏🌞😎

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