Philosophically Speaking…Rory Style

via Philosophically Speaking…Rory Style

Melanie Style!

If you ask Melanie a question, then be prepared to reap the answers! Philosophy at it’s very best!

4 thoughts on “Philosophically Speaking…Rory Style

  1. I don’t know about ‘best’, but thanks for the thought! 😀 Now on another subject, could you go read my “Some Odds” post? There’s a critter I took a photo of and everyone says you’ll know what it is. I sure don’t!

    1. Was it furred Melanie, and when you scooped it was it softly furred or coarsely furred, did it have fur? Did it have a longish perhaps 4-4 and a half inch tail, was its snout not long like a dog but a shortened snout, did it have small ears, and were the eyes just set back a bit, what do you mean by goggle eyed?

      You said it’s back legs were webbed, were they webbed like a duck or splayed claw like> The teeth were long and how long a few inches? an inch, what were they were shaped like pointed or chisel like. i know what it looks like, which are not uncommon in Utal, but its the feet that are throwing me oout and your goggle eyes.

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