K9 Interviews – Anastasia 78

 1] Your Name?



2] What do you call your 2-leggeds?


3] What K9 Breed are you?

Siberian Husky and German Shepherd


4] How Old Are You?

little me

[little Me being advertised when not nearly four]

heading home

[Heading to my forever ever home]

I will be 4 (28) in June

5] Do you live inside or outside and more importantly – do you run your household?


[Snow!! Snow!! SNOW!!! – Have l told you – l love the snow yet? Have l, have l?]

Mostly Indoors although I most definitely prefer outdoors. Especially the snow!! Do I run the household? Do dogs chase cats? What do you think?

6] Where abouts in the world do you live?


I live in the mountains of Pennsylvania on the Maryland border in the US.

7] How often do you take your 2 leggeds for a walk? 

I try to get my human off his lazy ass every day and he attempts to comply. We definitely get out for a few minutes together every day, but when I am home and everyone else is busy, I tend to prefer to be outside. I have this really cool trolly line so I’m not restricted by any fences.

8] Do you do lots of adventuring when out and about? 


[You have to watch the Deer here – sneaksy they are!]


Oh yes. Being in the mountains there are so many deer and rabbits and other cool things that love to be chased. At least I think that’s what I heard them say. My human will often take me anywhere he goes. As long as I behave, well he will take me in to almost every place he goes, so that people can see how great of a shopper I am.


9] Do your 2 leggeds allow you to talk to other K9’s on your walks or do they huff and puff behind you and urge you to hurry along? 


Me and Gracie



Still missed terribly.


Most of the time I try to greet them before they do, but they don’t always like that. It wasn’t always important but then when my sister passed away (that’s what my human calls it, she just went to a dr cuz she was sick and didn’t come back) in January, I always think I see her and I race to check. I still haven’t found her. I miss my sister very much and even now, 6 months later, it isn’t any easier.


RIP Gracie

10] Are you allowed to do ‘stuff’ on your walks freely? Do you walk off or on lead?

Most of the time I am now off my lead. I am very lucky to live in a place where there aren’t lots of people or houses. I use to do a lot more off the chain but I guess ever since my sister passed I have been running fast to see if I can find her.

11] Have your 2 leggeds ever embarrassed you? If so how? 

guard duty

All the time. There are times where I just really like people and saying hi but he pulls me off and acts like I’m doing something wrong. I just like saying hi but then because he does that the people I meet get a little scared and I don’t like that. That’s embarrassing. Or whenever he says dumb dog, because I am not dumb.

12] Do your 2 leggeds expect you to fetch the ball/toy every time during soft/hard play? 

Yeah but I have him fooled. I look like I want to chase it. I get excited, but when he throws it. I take a couple of steps to it but then stop. I then snicker as he mumbles something about having an itch or something as he goes to get what he threw. It cracks me up every time.

13] Do you have favourite toys and if so, what are they? 

Oh I love bones. Especially bones with peanut butter in them. I also love my dragon. It was actually sisters but I play with it whenever I’m lonely.

14] Are you a very much loved K9? 

Oh golly yes.

15] Do your 2 leggeds take you away on holidays with them? 

I went to Nashville last spring and he always takes me on short trips when he can.

16] Are you given treats? What are your favourites?

Oh yes. I get a dentastick or a bacon strip or pupparoni at night and in the morning when they leave for work I get a delicious Nutrish bone. And whenever I’m really good off the chain I get a holistic snack bite.

17] Are you fed a nutritional diet and is your food moist or dry or both or even the raw meat diet?

I have been very picky or they call me a picky eater. I prefer the raw foods. Stella and chewy and Instinct are my favorites. I love wet food but they still insist on feeding me kibble. They say I have expensive tastes and keep threatening that they are going to make me eat Old Roy. But I don’t know who that is. But I’m wasting Stella and Chewy’s new kibble and raw food.

18] Are you allowed to sample your 2 leggeds food? 

Oh yes. I love waiting on the chair next to my human when he comes out to eat. He makes the best food.

19] Do you have a favourite piece of 2 legged clothing and if so, do they know?

I love eating underwear but I don’t think that’s what you mean. I get excited about my orange safety vest because that means I’m going to get to walk where a lot of people are.

20] Do you deliberately play up at times, just to annoy or worry the 2 leggeds?

Uhm, I am a husky AND a shepherd.

21] Do you have a bed or a favourite sleeping place? 

Ever since they have let me guard at night I love sleeping on the couch by the door so I can watch for others to come home.

22] Are you always with your 2-leggeds or do you sometimes need ‘Time out?’

If they don’t go out with me, I prefer to be out alone.

23] Do your 2 leggeds make you ‘dress up?’ If so, when or what for and do you enjoy it?

They tried… once. I wasn’t having any of that nonsense and made it clear.

24] Are you photogenic or make them run after you to capture you on film?

Oh yes. ….. just look, cute with a capital K & a Q! [Which spells adorable!]


Adventurous and adorable!


Just plain adorability!


Happily adorable!


Cuddly and adorable or adorable and cuddly both work!


Adorable even when shy.


However you choose to look at me … like this …


… or this …


… to this …. but … when Gracie and l were together, we were both adorable!


25] Do you have a friendly vet?

I love my dr because I see him only 1 time a year.

26] What would be your pawfect day?

Starts with a day where my 2 legends don’t have to work.  After a little sleep in, an early outdoor walk followed by a bit of breakfast would be good.  Snow falling would be great, but I like the warmth too because we spend more time outside.  A drive to the park with lots of open room to run and a stream to go play in, home with a good dinner, another walk and a bedtime treat would be the ideal way to wrap up the ideal day.

Finally, in your own words tell us something about both you and your 2 leggeds that the questions haven’t touched on or asked about – something unique …

My 2 leggeds come across as pretty non-committal to our kind, but in all honesty they are complete bleeding hearts.  I am pretty sure that I am Mr’s best friend.  He cannot stay mad at me long.  5 – 10 minutes tops. And although I don’t deliberately go out of my way to upset him, I have done some things by accident or because its second nature. But in the end he comes around really fast and I am off the hook pretty quick.  I think he knows that I know it too!

naps like a queen

Scrappy’s Thanks


Well Anastasia, l have to say this and dad agrees – yes you are adorable! We are both sorry to hear about Gracie, we both know what that is like and went through very similiar times with our Dora – so hugs there to you all from us.

Gracie – 2013-19

My thanks to you and your humans for the interview and the great clickitty’s – we finally got there and l am glad we did, so thank you for pawsisting.

Wow, to go adventuring like you do must be great! My adventure days are almost over – l am getting a bit too old for car journeys now, and my brain whilst telling me l can do the same walks l used to has huge arguments with my body which says l can’t – so now l only do little walks. An adventure for me is going to the vets which is NOT an adventure at all – but Mummy and dad are getting a new car soon, so l can step up more easily into it, instead of being lifted, so l am always hopeful for a few more adventures yet.

Loved your interview a lot, and you like snow – mm, snow and l don’t always get on that well. Dora dog used to love the white stuff too.

Anastasia, please thank your humans for us both. But dad tells me that your dad runs a blog like my dad and it can be found here … ArtisanX of Proscenium   and we are both very pleased to be able to share that with everyone.


Way to go Anastasia, Power to the Bark!

Hope you enjoyed reading … Tootle Pip from Doodlepip!

“If you are interested in pawticipaing please email me at doodlepip03@gmail.com and l will email you back with the questionnaire.”

Looking pawards to hearing from many, many more!




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