Not Just My Verse!!

Not Just My Verse!, Your Two Two Too!

So come on, tell me true…
What you mean who?
I mean you!

The ones reading these lines,
That could be a rhyme,
Maybe not now, but at some time!

Do you like rhyme?
Poetry that comes together,
Whatever the weather,

That is mostly black and white,
Easy to understand and to write,
That makes sense, and is alright?

Not always in threes,
For three is a breeze,
Enough to tease!
But can be fours with as much ease!

The number is unimportant mostly,
But for ‘Not Just My Verse’, It has to closely,
Be just that, four’s the toast,
That’s it, 4 at most!

You see, that’s what your two two too means,
This game’s for teams,
Pass it along to another writer ‘who then dreams’,
Up four new lines or scenes ….


I could go on , and that’s the beauty of this game – l start a new game, by writing a fresh four lines of verse on a topic l pick, then pass the game along to another writer who then adds another four lines, they then pass it along to another writer who adds four lines and it goes on and on and on, until it no longer goes on and on and on. This is a multiverse game . One topic stretched as many ways as each writer decides…

Now are you game for this rhyming game? Would you like to play? If it’s a yes, drop your name below in the comments section, so our writers will know who really loves rhyme and who wants to play along.

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    1. You are already signed up 🙂

      Which reminds me l think l have to track down the last one again. With WP’s pings not working, l am losing track of them all the time.

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