Random Quotes 337#


I have noticed a few things during my travels through the human psyche – these being as follows –

1] The most annoying and constant thing about pain – is this – it really is most unpleasant!

2] The most depressing thing about depression is knowing that depression is depressing!

3] Helpful peeps irk me!!

4] Autism and Depression/Mental Health are still two of the largest Taboo topics in the UK today. It should not take almost a year to receive a diagnosis nor should it take up to three weeks for someone with depression to be seen like it’s a regular Dr’s appointment. Yet that happens.

The thing that gets to me the most, is why oh why are some things so basically simple and need no explanation because of the simplicity of them, as in the ‘commom sense’ factor and yet, ‘peeps’ as in people still regard these things as if they are rocket science problems??

Why is that?

Why are so called intelligent people completely fucking oblivious to the basic needs of people?


Why are some simple things, so outwardly fucking over complicated?

I don’t understand that, at all!

Rory Matier


“You wanted it all to make sense
and you wanted the most complicated answer,
but the answer is simple.
just be.”


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