Everything is JUST so Socially Orderly!


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Everything is JUST so Socially Orderly!


“Labels are for filing. Labels are for clothing. Labels are not for people”.

Martina Navratilova

For me there are two types of extreme Labelism;

1] Where upon society NEEDS to stack people into boxes for their definition.

2] Really itchy pieces of useless fabric in almost impossible locations to reach when worn against the skin!

You will have to guess by reading which one this article focuses on!

Some suggest that Labelism is the art of judging people by the labels of their clothes and yet to others it is purely the art of judging people end of. We used to live in a world that was consumed by Branding so much so that consumerism could not function without it. However these days our orderly society demands labels for personality and ‘uniqueness’.

With identification such as this it means ‘we are ABLE to LABEL people’ quickly and efficiently … except well l am none too sure if l like the idea of ‘quick fire judgements’ based on labelling? How have we managed to move away from product branding only to be consumed by people ticketing – what next Personal DNA barcoding? I am not trying to be overly simplistic here, but surely it can’t only be me that sees the potential destruction of the very dynamism of our individuality or in short character assassination of our very souls?

Are we so very keen to end our singularity that we need to rely upon ‘labels’ to define our very natures?

Every day l see people crying out to be seen and heard for who they are and to not be trodden underfoot by the so called social order and yet we still see the ‘others’ almost force feeding blandness and conformity into their daily drudgery. Yet, fear of being ostracised by their peers for being seen as different , or thinking abstractedly or just looking out at the world with exploring eyes holds so many back from being who they were born to be.

Each person is already unique, they just need to take a chance on themselves and believe in their awesomeness – their power – their strengths and above everything else, they need to learn to respect themselves. To not fall victim to the false judgements and presumptions of a society hell bent of departmentalising everything and everyone for ease of mind.


Remember this my friends – Labels Aside – Everyone is an Individualist!

9 thoughts on “Everything is JUST so Socially Orderly!

  1. I think labels can be useful in terms of role identities, e.g. knowing what to expect when you’re interacting with a cashier in a grocery store, but trying to apply a label to represent a whole person just doesn’t work.

    1. Hey Ashley,

      Exactly. I tell people, my ‘label’ was and is only good for my personal understanding, but as the phrase goes, l am more than a mere label.

      Labels may identify parts of us or our personality, but they don’t define us.

      Thanks for commenting here today 🙂

  2. Gloria Vanderbilt, Jordache, Izod, Members Only…I remember when *those* labels were important.
    I agree that it’s helpful for people to understand the different parts of themselves and how they work together. All these labels seem to be creating more “us vs them” and that’s not helpful for anyone.

    1. My fear too Grandma, that labels are creating exactly just that – a them and us attitude. Strangely enough, l become confused by the autism them and us attutude as well – all it does in many ways is make the minorities smaller again.

      1. Yes! Exactly! It’s taking marginalized groups and making sub-groups.
        Of course, if it keeps going that way, maybe eventually we’ll get to the individual, which is where we need to be anyway.
        I doubt it will happen though. Sheeple are determined to be contrary.

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