Smiles of my Nightmares


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Smiles of my Nightmares

I am never quite sure why,

it happens as it does!

But yet it happens this way, and my mind is abuzz,

At times it simply never occurs, and the night is blank,

Other nights it creeps in like naughty children on a silly prank!

I would like to say they commence with a mist,

Sadly not true either, for they simply just seem to twist,

Last night it was a mixture of the real and the surreal,

Moth men, ghosts and clowns, naked women and biscuits?

Not forgetting flying with no wings, and wombat politics?

These are the ones that leave you when awake, unsure

If you had a bad meal, or something from the night before,

Psychologically, l am sure it is supposed to make sense!

Neurotically all it does for me, is ignite my creative defence,

For to dream of such silly and downright odd illusions,

Would just explain to some doctor l am under delusions!

Perhaps it is just that at heart l am still but a child,

Easily led down the imagination path and beguiled!

It’s the others that make my nights’ filled with dread,

Mentally disturbing visions that battle inside my head!

Tearing me limb from limb, and beheadings!

Shredding my soul, killing me, sweat drenched bedding,

Night terrors like these, basically can bugger off,

But these too act for me in a mystical writing trough,

A sleeper must take the good and the bad, that’s fair,

Still some benefits arise from the smiles of my nightmares!!!

© Rory Matier 2010



30 thoughts on “Smiles of my Nightmares

  1. Terrific words and so true. Dreams can be fabulous, bizarre or truly disturbing. I read somewhere that you can have scarier dreams when you lie on your right side as opposed to lying on your left side. This often happens to me. And if you toss and turn you will have a real mixture. Sleep is never boring.

  2. Good morning dear Sir,

    I have nominated for 3 days, 3 quotes and 3 tags,
    I hope you accept it, please visit the link below:-


    I look forward to hear from you

    I am sorry resending you here as unable to send you message earlier.

    Thank you very much
    Best regards

  3. Catching up on posts and all of yours were absolutely brilliant!!!! Great reads to start my Saturday. J

    1. The mind never stops, l think sometimes it’s just a case of harvesting what it produces – you know you can programme yourself to produce certain dreams and nightmares 🙂

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