Dear Mrs Duck ….

Dear Mrs Duck …

Further to your email of today, l would like to respond …

Good grief Madam Duck, what a load of twoddle,
I only asked if you would be so good to waddle,
But oh ho, ho, ho, you had to get at me and hit back,
With that diabolical diatribe wrapped up in fancy quack!
You are causing our social pond no end of trouble,
With your insistence for this new trendy tail wubble,
We are ducks my love, one proud drake and his hen,
Forget yourself not, you’re not a feathered comedienne,
Cease this at once and start to act like a proper duck,
Not some wannabee swan running amok!
Come on back and all will be forgotten and forgiven,
We are ducks of the pond, not chickens!
I await your answer, my love …..
Just read the above …

And let me know.

Kind regards Mr Duck

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