287 Snails and the Nana Nana Moment!

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287 Snails and the Nana Nana Moments!!

Part 1

Who remembers this?

An Introduction.

Steven Spielberg directed this film from the book written by Peter Benchley. It was a shocker for the time which was 1975 when it was released. Since then the film has become almost cult like. However the damage that both the book and the film achieved for sharks was horrendous. People whom before had only a smattering of information about both sharks and shark attacks became absolutely terrified and a long term hate developed for the shark species.

Peter Benchley was 27 when he wrote Jaws – a rogue great white that terrorized a small island community through both stalking and consumption.  Jaws as a book has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide and made Benchley a millionaire. However what many may not know, was that Benchley seriously regretted ever penning the manuscript.  “No one appreciates how vulnerable they are to destruction.’’ He was quoted as saying to Animal Attack Files in 2000.

What Jaws in essence did was vilify this beautiful species, it made hunting of sharks legal in the eyes of almost everyone. The world kills 100 million sharks a year, and sharks kill …mm, let me think … oh yes … in 2018 sharks killed 66 humans!

I have had a fascination with sharks since l was 9 living in Australia and seeing sharks up close and personal. Of course l even had a run in with a shark when l was 11 or 12 when one brushed up against me when l was literally only 100 feet out from the beach in 5 feet of water. It wasn’t a great white, it was a nurse shark or something, but she sadpapered me with her coarse hide and even now l still have a very small scar.

To me they are the most beautiful of species, and yet what may have seemed a brilliant idea to Benchley and of course one that made him rich beyond his wildest dreams, turned into a nightmare for him to such a degree that he spent the rest of his life as an advocate to oceanic conservation.

I thought about creating this post last Wednesday night whilst performing my nightly snail collecting vigil in the garden. I had collected 287 snails in 22 minutes!

All that day we experienced seriously heavy rains here in Kent, and of course what do snails love in addition to the night time? That’s right snails like it damp and basically wet!

The ground was very much that! I had made myself jump accidentally when l rather unexpectedly came across what is better known as a deepsoil worm that had come up to the surface after the rains because l can only think its burrow was full of rainwater and it was up to breathe.

It was huge, it was so big at first glance l mistook it for a slow worm, but then realised it was just one of the larger worms that live in the six feet depth of soils in our garden, but it still didn’t stop me humming the theme tune from Jaws as l watched it slither back into its burrow! At a rough guess, l think l was quite possibly looking at 9″ of worm, with quite an impressive girth to it!

As l was humming that theme, it made me think back to a moment in 1977, when l was on board a cruise ship heading for England. My family and l had just left Australia and were heading back to the UK. I was in one of the cinemas on board and l was watching the film, Jaws! In front of me was a lady with really large and somewhat annoying hair and she had thus far annoyed a few people with her ‘ooohs and aaahs and screams’ at the slightest thing. I missed quite possibly 12 minutes of that showing because of her and one the classic nana nana moments was when Hooper is examining Ben Gardener’s sunken boat! It would be several years before l would see the film again, 1982 on Video in fact. When we got to that moment, l found myself saying “Seriously Madam Bouffant jumped at this and scared the crap out of all the audience and the only one who didn’t see it was me because of her sodding hair!”

The Nana Nana moment in 1977

In part two l will write about three additional Nana Nana moments from last week involving Suze and myself!

3 thoughts on “287 Snails and the Nana Nana Moment!

  1. What do you do with all those snails? Ugh! Disgusting!
    Dang, that worm was the size of a baby snake!
    Growing up & living next to the ocean, I’ve never been afraid of sharks. We have them, but they don’t bother people most of the time. The jelly fish are more of a bother or occasionally someone steps on a ray & winds up stung.
    That Jaws theme music is classic, just like the stabbing music from Psycho

    1. Hey Grandma 🙂

      What did l do with all the snails? I put them into my compost heap, l am hoping they will speed the process up a little, and if not, they are way at the back of the garden there, they may stay there 🙂

      9″ of worm – you are right is a snake ha ha!

      I love sharks, absolutely fascinated with them, now have been for 45 years, beautiful species – so so misunderstood and cruelly abused. sadly.

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