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Just Wanted To Say

Where ever you are – here’s wishing you have a totally awesome day!

Top 5 Call Out

Would you like a 5 Track Call out dedicated to you? If that’s a yes, let me know below in the comments section – now come on don’t be shy.

 This can be 5 tracks from one artist, or five assorted tracks from various artists or even five albums – it’s entiredly your choice – 5 of whatever you would like to listen to.

Today’s Top Five Tracks are brought to you by Lisa of All About Life who would love to hear songs from Mumford and Sons who l have to concede in saying l had never heard of, so l hope these tracks are okay for you Lisa. But after listening to them, l have to concede to actually really liking them.

Friday will be the Clash as requested by Barb of Bipolar Barb , Saturday will be Belinda Carlisle for Gary of Bereaved Single Dad  whilst Sunday’s top 5 tracks will be for Carol Anne of Therapy Bits  who would very much like to hear from Rihanna!


Next week, the line up is currently looking like this …. Monday we will have five tracks from Richard Hawley for none other than our favourite Sparky aka Melanie of Sparksfromacombustiblemind. Tuesday for Angie of King Ben’s Grandma will be Jane’s Addiction, whilst Ribana of Popsicle Society has requested five songs from Madonna for Wednesday. Paula of Light Motifs II  would love to hear Sheryl Crow on Thursday. Emily Mae Hood of New York Family Adventures has the Friday slot with 5 from Gary Numan. Barb of Bipolar Barb has booked Tom jones for next Saturday!

The Sunday slot is currently open??


Quote of the Day

The place between your comfort zone and your dream is where life takes place.

Helen Keller

Wisdom Quotes


Another Readicate Share Day

Today Also Maybe

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Random Quotes 335#

New Question Fun Game – Topic – Philosophy

Award Giftings – Responding to Blogger Recognition Awards fromCarol Anne of Therapy BitsandKristian – Tales of the mind of Kristian  and Scott of Speaking Bipolar

So that’s me, but what about you? What have you got planned for your blogs  This week?

19 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Say!

    1. Hey Ribana, here’s hoping you are having a great evening, however here’s wishing you a terrific Friday when it swings around again 🙂

  1. It’s going on 4am for me and almost noon for you… I can say Good Morning JB and it’s morning for both of us. I hope your day is going well!
    Mumford & Sons is a great band.

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