Dabble Me Doo!

Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (aka, FOWC) for the day is Dabble


Dear Mr Duck,

Thank you for your email concerning the word ‘wubbling’ in connection to a female duck gait, when you still prefer waddling, well l had me a bit of rummage and came up with this, l think you will find this helpful.

I love nothing more than to dabble,
Not to be confused with dribble,
Like dabbling with words, like Scrabble,
Where upon you can dibble,
When dabbling, but not to just dab,
Could be interesting alone, maybe even fab,
To take a bite out of a bit of a nibble,
But not to cause too much sticky dribble!
The beauty with words like dabble,
Is it’s a strange word reminds me of babble,
But not bubble,
That’s different, that’s not trouble,
Although, is dibble and dabble, a dobble?
Like what’s that then other than a scribble?
Or is it more than that, is it then a wiggle?
Do we then mix our words when dabbling,
Is that not just useless babbling?
I mean not to be fickle,
About dabble, but if we jiggle,
It a bit and perhaps make the word diddle,
We can then have daddle, doddle and twiddle,
…. and then twist it sidewards to make twaddle,
Flip it over and play around a bit and we’re back to dabble!

Kind regards, Mrs Duck.

Ps: It’s my tail, and I will damn well wubble if l want to!



9 thoughts on “Dabble Me Doo!

    1. Well l am pleased you enjoyed my babbling good sir. I actually happen to really like the word dabble, so was chuffed as peanuts when l saw it, and l just couldn’t resist it!

      Although Mr and Mrs Duck were not my first impressions for the word dabble – but it’s still early hear for too much dabbling 🙂

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