Britain Needs To Up Its Game

Britain Needs To Up Its Game

I am not particularly a fan of Great Britain or United Kingdom for the sticklers out there. I no longer believe Britain is great, and l also no longer truly believe this country is united. However, this is where l currently live as a pescatarian and an organic composter and vegetable gardener.

Suze and l do not eat red or white meats anymore, we eat fish, yes we eat vegetables and fruit too. Plus as you know we compost – and what do we compost? Fruit and vegetables. Our waste products or food waste products are therefore very slim, and at the end of one week we now produce roughly one bag of food waste which goes into our food waste bin.

Before the compost had been reactivated, all food waste was going into food waste bin, and at the end of each week we had a bin with around five bags of food waste in.

Today we received this sticker on our bin. This is a sticker they place on offenders bins, those they believe are dumping food waste into their normal bins. We had one of these also in 2017 and we had to inform them we were composting.

I know there are offenders out there, hell there are offenders in my own street who care not for recycling and dump everything into one bin without a care in their world about waste management – but this sticker irks the crap out of me.

Instead of asking , they simply assume we are offenders.

The other thing that annoys the crap out of me, is that here in Kent if you get two of these stickers on your bins in successive weeks. This entitles these bin mobsters to start searching your bins because again without asking you why there is an absence, they automatically judge you and find you guilty of misdeeds!

We will now have to put a sticker on our green food waste bin to the effect of we are composting our wastes, and that doesn’t automatically grant you favour anyway, because they may not believe you!

The other really, truly, madly deeply annoyance is that Britain makes me laugh with its so called recycling waste programmes. Suze and l are pretty hot on the whole waste management thing and very conscious of how we dispose of rubbish. Plastics and metals go into the right bin, household waste goes into the right bin, food waste goes into the required bin …

We buy carefully, we dispose carefully.

Yet this country is absolutely appalling in how it tackles this national problem! Every year Britain throws away over 20 million tons of waste into bins. But recycling rates are plummeting and are now at around the 40/42% mark irrelevant to the 2020 target of 50%.

I think one of the problems is not just waste management, but everything, this country simply cannot cope – all the integrity of the infrastructure is antiquated and out of date. As a country we don’t tackle any of our own plastic waste as an example, a good majority of our plastic wastes are outsourced to countries abroad, making it their problem and not ours! The bigger problem is even more blunt, waste is everyone’s bloody problem!

We have been sending our waste out of the UK since the turn of the millenium – countries in example like Malaysia, China and Europe and in the last nearly twenty years our waste product weights have expotentially increased!

Worse than that and closer to home, many a time the products that Suze and l place into the right bins for recycling are going nowhere anyway. We are so restricted to what we can actually place into plastic waste, then you have got the bigger problem of who you buy products from and trying to shop around making sure you have even less plastic packaging which mostly is NOT recyclable nor even made from recyclable materials!

All around the country for the last year or so, l have read and continue to read about councils simply not doing their bit as well as they should be doing and if anything, even less plastic waste is hitting the targets.

I could write a longer, much longer post on this topic, but the end result is still the same, Britain, needs to up its game! Not everyone is guilty of misdeeds and some people really do care about the plight of things.

The councils l think need to soften their approach instead of constantly rough shodding everything. However binmen, are they still even called binmen need to be trained in the finer arts of understanding that the English composting market is actually on the increase as more and more householders become backyard farmers like they were back in the 40’s and 50’s and stop sticking offending stickers on innocents bins!

9 thoughts on “Britain Needs To Up Its Game

  1. We have the same issues. I think it’s a worldwide problem now, made worse because every large business needs to improve its bottom line each year/statement period, so they ‘advertise’ heavily to get consumers to consume more, and more, and more.

  2. Same here. The current approach is not fit for the emergency. Unfortunately the top team don’t get this, or it doesn’t bother them. Hopefully the growing shitstorm will sweep away the power blocks and then we can crack on.

    1. I sincerely hope so Gary. It worries me, and l am not a father or a parent, but l do worry about the state of our planet for the children of tomorrow. We look at kids like the one you have just made mention to Greta who is an absolute marvel for the work she is doing on not just climate change but also autism.

      We are talking about a government that can’t even sort Brexit, no one can agree on anything. It’s quite irrelevant who and what each person voted on as in leave or remain, because no one is listening to the people anyway. If they can’t sort this damn thing out, what bloody hope are we to expect from these dates we keep seeing regarding climate changes?

  3. For the last month all I have heard is our potential PMs have repeatedly said, we need Brexit to save the Tory Party. Nothing about what the country needs. I am reminded of Nero, a fiddle and a burning country.

    1. Oh yes very much so.

      You know l don’t think anything could save the Tory Party currently. That’s not said from someone who is political either left or right, but just from an observational viewpoint – l cannot see either party currently achieving a piss up in a brewery let alone resolving anything that matters to the country or its people.

      Where’s King Arthur one asks? Wasn’t he supposed appear as legend has it at a time like this? I do not see any even remotely like him on the boards of potential.

      MP’s were voted in by the people, lord knows where along the line of their fat cat lives they forgot that as well as forgot that this country needs unity to survive …. and unity needs to be seen in Westminister also.

  4. I read a news article recently about all the plastic that gets shipped to Malaysia and how container after container is full of stuff that can’t be recycled. The article said Malaysia is shipping the stuff back to the offending countries. All about money.
    Here in U.S. our Idiot In Chief thinks climate change is fake news and wants to dig for oil in our national parks.
    I think most people are waking up but it’s probably too late unless DRASTIC changes are made.

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