Dear Blog – 13.25 – 05/06/19

Dear Joh…. No, That’s Wrong!


Dear Rory …

I am contemplating saging the car! The third buyers, the guaranteed ones have just pulled out of the sale themselves, through bad luck? This makes three buyers, all guaranteed who have pulled out through bad luck. As in bad luck has befallen them when in connection with this car.

Now back to the drawing board – l think a sage is in order – something’s not right.

You neither need to be a cynicist or a realist to realise that something’s not right with this car!

This damn car on our driveway has caused more problems being here than anything before hand. Perfectly good days, planned days have gone awry because of this car – like what the hell has this thing got wrong with it?

Perfectly working car, runs like a dream, spent nearly £700 on it bringing back into a decent shape, getting it buffed up, new tyres and  shown some TLC and yet ….

Dear Blog ……

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