Now The Swallows Have Gone


Now the Swallows Have Gone

September dawns are present again here in the shires,
The yesterdays of summer already fading into the sunsets,
And whilst the today’s of early autumn are eager to retire,
Stirrings of tomorrow line the horizon like silhouettes,

How quickly time passes us by, whisperings of forgotten,
Moments simply vanish without trace,
Silent reflections of yesterday are always forgiven,
Echoes of passing years, so easily misplaced,

I smiled warmly at their arrival this spring,
Having thought about them during the previous brutal winter,
Eagerly looking forwards again to hearing them sing,
And dancing over the rooftops whilst their young chitter,

Another year has passed me by too, now a year older,
Than l was, when they were here the last time,
Myself having also survived another wintry colder,
Passing, its footsteps a memory fresh upon my mind,

So many seasons have l seen come and go,
Alone within myself and reflecting upon what once was,
Looking out over the hazy landscape before the snows,
Wondering and looking back on life’s flaws,

And falling into the gentle caresses of the coming melancholy,
Knowing that another winter approaches me again,
Where upon l will be without the beauty of the Swallows’ folly,
And declined the refreshing summer winds.

© Rory Matier 2010



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