I Just Wanted To Say!


Just Wanted To Say

Howdy folks, here’s wishing you all a totally fabulous day whereever you are in the world!

Top 5 Call Out

Would you like a 5 Track Call out dedicated to you? If that’s a yes, let me know below in the comments section – now come on don’t be shy.

 This can be 5 tracks from one artist, or five assorted tracks from various artists or even five albums – it’s entiredly your choice – 5 of whatever you would like to listen to.

Gary of Bereaved Single Dad would like to hear five tracks of Rory Gallagher – say no more – here we go good sir 🙂

Tomorrow as in Wednesday will see a top five from Billie Holiday for Kristian of Life Lessons from Around the Dinner Table. Top Five tracks for Lisa of All About Life from Mumford and Sons will be Thursday’s selection. Friday will be the Clash as requested by Barb of Bipolar Barb , Saturday will be Belinda Carlisle for Gary of Bereaved Single Dad  Next Sunday’s top 5 tracks will be for Carol Anne of Therapy Bits  who would very much like to hear from Rihanna!

Next Monday we will have five tracks from Richard Hawley for none other than our favourite Sparky aka Melanie of Sparksfromacombustiblemind.

So there we go folks, a full weeks worth of  tracks! So who is up next for the following week? I am taking requests from today!


Quote of the Day

I wasn’t there to compete. I was there to win.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Wisdom Quotes


In-Blog Life

In-Blog Life will be starting as a mainstream feature once the Podcast series starts in the next couple of months. It is to be 15 minute interviews with bloggers where upon they can discuss what is coming up in their blogs for the coming week/s or month.

This week in my blog l have the following features to post to the readership …

Well l shall try again, yesterday l became waylaid by all sorts of obstacles…

Today Maybe!

More posts from the Autism and Mental Health series

Random Quotes 333#

321 Quote Me – Topic – Success

Theme Times – More Music & Film Bio’s … INXS

The Grumblies – ‘You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!?’

Award Giftings – Responding to Mystery Blogger Awards from Sadje of Keep it Alive and Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess

So that’s me, but what about you? What have you got planned for your blogs  This week?

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    1. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him when l was creating the post Gary, rather shamefacedly l have to concede to never having heard of him before, but was glad of the introduction – so thank you too 🙂

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