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Readers of this series may recall with some clarity a couple of weeks back when my sister Jenny was on holiday in Corfu, and sent to both myself and Suze – although it was mostly directed at me but just included Suze a somewhat brutal and scathing email calling and referring to us as useless people who could do nothing right and had made my sister’s job as ‘probate lead’ very difficult?

It was so hostile and insultive as an email that l decided that l would never talk to my sister again! We were not best buddies to begin with, but l blocked her from FB – no we weren’t friends there, but l simply didn’t want any unnecessary communications with her and l only kept her connected to my email.

Well after the exchange between her – a self appointed god and her useless scum brother – l heard nothing from her, until l expected to and that was when she returned to England from holiday towards the end of May.

I noted when l received that scathing email from her that it wasn’t written in her own language, meaning that someone else had written it for her with their grammar and pretending to be her. the annoying thing at the time was that whoever it was was convinced by her lies that l was a useless nothing and she was some victim!

Since this whole messy business began, my sister has been both a bane and a pain in my butt! I had to accept the fact she was basically a spoilt daughter to my father. Any thing she wanted he got or paid for. Jenny had to never want anything for too long before she had it. She allowed my father to basically think for her and as long as he paid for everything as far as she was concerned – nothing else mattered. Problem with this is that a person can easily lose sight of values on anything. If someone has principally bought your life from you, then technically they own you and you owe them.

How my sister never saw this is quite beyond me. But she never did. How she never thought that dad would die one day is also, beyond me – she seemingly believed stupidly that l was not going to inherit anything.

Now let’s move on……..

My father as you may recall was a collector turn hoarder. He hoarded everything to the point that collections that held good value as little as ten years ago, lost their values the more he hoarded. Everything devalues over time unless it is something that increases in value as it ages. Dad received in 2009 a buyer’s quote for just under £30,000 for his Wisden collection.  Which was excellent money for basically 139 books ten year ago.  He declined it, believing he would get more as he aged.

However, the book market has declined too much now, and there is no way we will ever get those quoted offers again. Of the 139 books – Jenny took them to an auctioneers close to where she lives as in 15 minutes away from her front door, so remember that. They said they didn’t want all of the books, especially not the 62 Willow reprints which Jenny then returned to dad’s house and told me l had to collect them and send them off to a seller in the north of England.

When l asked why we had to travel up to Surrey from Kent a 200 mile/4 hour round trip when she lived twenty five minutes away from dad’s house, her response was ‘Because l can’t afford the transport costs!” When l told her she didn’t have to fork out anything as the buyer was paying she then said “I work 13 hours days, l only have one day off which is Thursday [which was the next day] and l don’t want to spend it waiting in all day for a delivery collection!” When l countered that with “Eerm, you don’t need to be in, just leave it outside your door and they will collect from there.” She then responded with, l haven’t got the right sized box to pack them in, oh for goodness sake Rory, it’s not like l am asking a lot!!”

So the following Saturday like the apparent muppets Suze and l are, we travelled up to Surrey to collect the 62 books. We didn’t have the right size box either, so l had to buy minimum 4 boxes to pack the books. Once done, l left them outside my front door and they were collected and delivered to the buyer up north. he paid us £1500 for those 62 books.

£1500 for just under half the overall 139 qty. That left 77 books that the auctioneers said they would list for us.  Now all of this happened way back in February and finally on the 27th of last month [May] the book auction went ahead. We had received a potential sales estimate of  between £3-4000 and what do you think we got?

If you said anything higher than £0 then you would be wrong, but if you answered with nothing, you would be spot on. No interest via the auctions. The auctioneers have said they will relist for us, but the next book auction is September and we are trying to close everything off with regards the estate as soon as possible, so nice offer, but no good to us.

It was at this point that l heard from my sister again, the auction failed to produce a sale. I had not heard anything from her after she return to the UK from Corfu on the 24th when the house sold. Although she had been in communications with the solicitor to try and not allow me to get paid my inheritance! He told her that was illegal, and the will stands, so she shut up.

Now last Friday the 31st l was in very slim communications with my sister but at that point we received 75% each of our inheritance’s. The same day the Ebay auction for the car resulted with no sales. However as you know the car was ‘technically’ sold yesterday … so the only thing outstanding are the 77 cricket books still at the auctioneers where they have been since the 27th May awaiting collection.

I haven’t heard anything from my sister since the 31st when she asked me a question concerning those 77 books. What was she to do with no seller? I advised her that as l was so useless that maybe she might try approaching the same chap who had bought the first 62. “Oh l am working 13 hour days l don’t have the time can you do it?” So l got in touch with the chap and he said he needed photo’s, l emailed his response to Jenny and asked her that she needed to 1] collect the books from the auctioneers and 2] take some sample photos of the books themselves.

Nothing over the weekend , no response until this afternoon with this … “No, no photos were taken , I will ask Tooveys if they can take a photo for me tomorrow , as you know there’s quite a few and I only have Thursday off , will need someone to give me a hand if we are to pick them up again , but I don’t really want them at flat Poppy tends to chew everything , I have little storage here and can’t take the risk “.

She is clueless if she thinks the auctioneers are going to take photos of books they will not be selling, but worse than that is ……. she is expecting someone else to pick them up for her, and that is implying Suze and l should perform this task? There are 77 books, three boxes – l know because they sit in even more boxes that l had to buy months ago. She is 15 minutes away from the auctioneers. She got them there in the first place, but now she needs someone else to one ‘help her’ and store them at theirs because her untrained three year old dog is still chewing!

Ok, so now for the logistics, Toovey’s are in Sussex. They are 15 minutes away from Jenny’s house,  Thursday is a couple of days away, she has a car. Meaning she could drive to the auctioneers in her car on her day off and collect the books to take the photographs needed for a potential buyer and store the three boxes in a closed room in her house.

But, she expects Suze and l in Kent to drive across and over to Sussex to collect the books, store them with us here, take the photo’s and then organise the collection, should the buyer actually want them on the first available weekend – because Suze works Monday to Friday. From where we are in Kent to the auctioneers in Sussex it is 120 miles, with a minimum of 2 and a half hours each way journey time??

I haven’t answered her at all, l am hoping she can for once use her head and figure this out herself, but something tells me ….

Right. How does this make sense??

Dear Blog ……

11 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 20.09 – 04/06/19

    1. It is Jenny being lazy, and this just shows how lazy she is being. It reminds me of that old joke, when they are defining laziness and one of the answer was lazy is someone lying in front of a fire with their feet on fire and they cannot be bothered to move them’. That is Jenny’s laziness.

  1. You know if you want anything from the books you’re going to have to do it all. It’s too bad you can’t take more of the profits for doing all the work. The cost of the gas, sorry petrol😉, if nothing else.
    It’s almost over, it’s almost over, its almost over…💌

    1. I know, but this really grinds me, because l will do it and then get insulted for it and she will then attack Suze in the process. But this one irks me so much more. She is literally 15 minutes from her door to their door and she expects Suze to give up her time [Jenny knows l am not a driver, she knows Suze works Monday to Friday], she knows Suze has busy weekends with very little time spare, she knows l don’t travel well, she knows Scrappy is an elderly dog that can longer travel and that one of us has to be at home or again have the neighbours watch – so she knows all of this and still she expects more and you know what – it’s at this point that l seriously detest my father – because he allowed this to happen – he created this spoilt monster almost in his own image!

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