Films or Music – What’s Your Passion?

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What would you like to see on the next Theme Times?

As you probably know this is the new feature which took over from Theme of the Week and The Greats of our Times which featured films and singers, groups and bands!

So let me know your choices below in the comments section below, and l will dedicate to you your choices.

Be this actors, actresses, film themes or musical eras or bands and groups you personally would like to see featured for you personally.

Check out who we have already had ….

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35 thoughts on “Films or Music – What’s Your Passion?

    1. Okay doky, well there is quite the selection there 🙂

      We have covered some of these:, you might find these of some interest 🙂

      Plus we did a 1 -9 Top Horror films, which included quite a few of the Hammers as well – l will have to check that up and see how many Hammers were included.

      But the rest are cracking selections – so thank you – these’ll be great fun 🙂

  1. Singer – Gordon Lightfoot
    Actor – Sandra Bullock
    Comic – Steve Martin
    Genre – impressionists like Rich Little

  2. I second the Month Python and Led Zeppelin!
    How about some James Taylor for singer? As a tangent to your animated movies you could do just Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki… I’ll think of some other stuff along the way. I need more coffee and it was an exhausting weekend.

      1. Thanks! You even included one of my favorites, The Rain Song. I’ve been a Zep fan for 40years. To me, Robert Plant is the sexiest man alive. Not necessarily the most attractive, but definitely the sexiest!
        Sorry, TMI? LOL

  3. A big band theme featuring the likes of Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman et al.
    Seeing as she passed away recently, a Doris Day theme, or a Hitchcock theme featuring all his blonde victims (including Miss Day). How about that?

    1. Well let me see Beckie … well of course you were the special lady that received the very first dedication last year from the original series The Greats of our Times with John Candy.

      Of the list you have all great comics, we only have one, so l will add the rest in and get to them all in good time and each time you so shall receive a dedication – so thank you 🙂

      Of the list l have done the great and still missed Robin Williams 🙂

  4. Bands/Musical Artists (sorry if I repeat ones you already did, I’m trying to remember)
    Foo Fighters
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    The Black Crowes
    The Black Keys
    Gary Clark Jr.
    Alabama Shakes
    The Beateles
    Micheal Buble
    Josh Groban
    The Doors
    Steve Miller Band
    Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
    The Traveling Wilburies
    Billy Holliday
    Ella Fitzgerald
    Aretha Franklin
    Joss Stone
    Etta James
    Louis Armstrong
    Chris Cornell

    Jimmy Stewart
    Jack Nicholson
    Lauren Bacall
    Olivia Newton John
    Drew Barrymore
    Benedict Cumberbatch
    Paul Rudd
    Johnny Depp
    Robert Downy Jr.
    Keanu Reeves
    Melissa Mccarthy
    Kristin Wiig
    Amy Poehler
    Tina Fey

    Comedian/Talk Show Host:
    Jimmy Fallon
    Carol Burnett
    Stephen Wright
    Dave Chappelle

    Random Ideas/Topics:
    Top Comedies
    Movies by the decade
    underrated bands/songs
    Old School Hip hop
    How music and/or movies have changed over the years

    Stephen King
    F. Scott Fitzgerald
    Charles Dickens
    Robert Frost
    E.E. Cummings
    Christopher Poindexter
    JM Storm
    Tyler Kent White
    Walt Whitman
    Oscar Wilde
    J.D. Salinger
    Nicholas Sparks
    Haper Lee
    Harlan Coben
    Edgar Allen Poe

    Vincent Van Gough
    Harold Cohen
    Leonardo Da Vinci
    Ansel Adams
    Claude Monet
    Andy Warhol

    1. Oh my goodness, Madam K!

      Right well let’s have a looksie here …

      Literally just done The Beatles today, of the rest of it …, well there is a lot, but these are cracking lists – many thanks, you have dedications coming up a plenty 🙂

    1. Hey Victoria, my poems come out everyday. But l don’t write new poems every day – l have to be in the right frame to write poetry. In recent times, l have a lot of other things going on in connection to the blog.

      I have all sorts of series coming out, but most days the poetry is out between UK Time – 8am – 9am 🙂

      I produce a new poem once every ten weeks or so now 🙂

      Theme Times is principally about music and film though, so do you have any favourite artists you would like to see ?

      1. Yes, thanks for your reply Rory.
        I hear you.
        My choice of music is eclectic, dependant on my moods, but I always seem to tune back into Enigma, on reflective occasions. I would like to see your favourites from their songs, please? Rock on Rory! 😀

        1. Okie dokie Vicoria. I agree with the eclectism, l am the same l can favour one minute this and then in the next breath something else .. l will see what l can knock up 🙂

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