Dear Blog – 16.27 – 03/06/19

Yay – Good Luck MAY be returning!!!


Well perhaps things are taking a turn for the good – the optimistic me, says ‘Finally’, the realistic me says ‘Well let’s not be too excited, BUT …”

The car, dad’s Mini Cooper a racy little reminder of the Italian Job was viewed today by a lovely couple and the man’s wife loved it. They took it for a small spin, loved it more, and agreed to buy it. The Ebay auction failed to secure a buyer on the reserve of £3250, we only achieved £3000 and the so called buyers never turned up claiming misfortunes had befallen them on their way to get it and gave up.

However the bidder at £2850 has just bought it for £3000. They just need to organise a collection in the next couple of days and it will be off the drive – great, l am really pleased.

Ironically, the new driver has just passed both her test so it is a new car, but also her PHD in Cancer research. I think it is nice that the car is now going for a new lease of life with someone who will be rearching cures for cancer. I think even dad who died so horribly with cancer would even appreciate that.

Dad and l may not have seen eye to eye on many things, but he DID NOT need to die the way he did. It was today last year that dad rang up and said he had been diagnosed with cancer and that it was the real deal, and he was dying. Today! Today a new to the world cancer rearcher bought a car from a man who died of cancer.

There’s an irony there.

I choked slightly telling that tale to them. She the wife, the cancer rearcher was saddened, but said that in some way it gave her fight to find a cure more purpose! That was also nice l think.

In recent weeks, l have discovered much about my life and especially my parents. Dad was not some golden child, but he was not entirely the devil my mother made him out to be either which was quite a blow emotionally to me. A long held suspicion finally found some truth. I will discuss this at some point.

So good news.


On another level, well you’ll know l was trying to give up smoking and l didn’t because of all the increased stress … shout away .. l am the first to acknowledge openly l use tobacco as a crutch. But the first Vape thing l got, just did not achieve the results l was seeking.

It was too heavy, too clumpy and it leaked! But l have recently bought a newer model called Zero and if l was a reviewer l would be doing a review, but currently l am not set up for that, but in the future of this blog, l will be.

But l am very impressed with the Zero by Renova and to those who also vape, you might be too. Check out the photos below and the links. I took the photo’s very quickly, so not the best, but it shows you how small the unit is in consideration to a lighter. The boxes are the replaceable refill units. They say that it is of course reflective on your vaping requirements, that a unit is not needed to be replaced until a maximum of ten refills.

It is much smaller

Much lighter

Very good plume

Doesn’t bloody leak

Was very affordable

Comes in a host of different colours

Easy to fill and not messy

Also, you can buy a zany Zero pouch like mine

I liked it because it is smaller and more manageable.



Dear Blog ……

7 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 16.27 – 03/06/19

  1. thanks Rory. I have been looking for a better vaping system. most here are bulky, drip all over the place, leak madly or are just a total PITA to deal with..not to mention heavy, and don’t fit in a pocket or purse.

    1. Hey Suze.

      I know exactly what you mean, the last one l got was shaped like a bazooka and stood about 7″ which is too long to be anywhere reliable, it leaked, it was messy to fill, it was heavy and cumbersome and only liked being upright and was annoyingly awkward to use.

      Currently l like the size of this, my unit is currently in the pouch, the pouch has two holes one for the on/off button and the other at the bottom for the charger. I would say it charges up from 0 – done in around 35 minutes. I am still breaking mine in, but it does award a decent l feel like l am vaping plume, instead of some invisible trace, and the taste is exceptional.

      I hate the damn juice when it leaks, which the older ones l had never stopped doing, this one doesn’t leak unless l overfill it.

  2. Hurray! Happy home for the car. And a more perfect symmetry could not be found. I hope this is a pebble that sends out positive ripples!
    Thanks for the vape info. I’ve been trying different ones and I haven’t had any luck. They’ve all been too “light” for me. My poison of choice is Marlboro Red, the ol’ cowboy killers.

  3. Yay, absolutely l too am a follower of positive nipples!!

    Oh wait a minute, that says positive ripples! my bad, oopsy lmao!

    Well l have just ordered a selection of 6 -18mg nicotime vapes, the ones l am currently using are fruity and it was a wrong move for me trying to give up smoking too quickly, aah the over eager in me l feel.

    I used to smoke Malboro they were indeed a good clean smoke, but a hard smoke, a real smoke 🙂

    1. Hey Chris, yes it can be, but irnically smoking is ideal for those wishing to diet as it suppresses hunger well it did me, such a pity that smoking is so harmful.

      I think the real thing the real secret is believing that you want to give up. I hate smoking, but l love it, but it’s harmful for me.

  4. Good news at last. It is sort of poetic justice in here about the cancer researcher buying your dad’s car. I hope that eventually, your stress comes down to manageable and you don’t even need to vape. Best of luck!

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