Dear Blog – 12.03 – 03/06/19

Am I jinxed – has my father cursed me somehow??

Of course, the answer is NO, but l am not really that sure if that’s not true – l mean he’s dead, how would l know if he cursed me or not. If that was present in his closing days, my sister was the one by his side, she would be the one who heard and she is hardly going to tell me is she although the way she doesn’t like me, l somehow think she might derive great pleasure in the thoughts that her father cursed his son forever more!

I mean yes we are having to sage this house and yes we are a fair bit overdue. Maybe l should do it now? But l am carrying too much negativity right this minute – to perform a positive saging! Suze could do it, but she ‘s is a light sager and l am a heavier more pin pointer sager – l like my own incantations over some of Suze’s. She prefers shamanic and l prefer druid. With dad’s stuff a lot of negativity came back with it. That man was very unhappy and not just with himself or whomever but with life in general, the stuff around him couldn’t help l should imagine absorb some of that negativity!

But did he curse me? No l don’t think so, but we do have mischevious imps and pixies afoot in the house l feel!

Have you noticed how sometimes it’s the smallest things that can throw you out of whack and off balance? Mmm, yes exactly, they do don’t they?

This last weekend, another perfect example … l had things planned and they simply didn’t materialise. Displaying once more that a well oiled machine can still stutter and stall even when working perfectly well? It stalled and it stuttered this weekend just gone! So much so that l have had to tweak to reflect that they might happen but no guarantee. It doesn’t matter how hard l work to achieving these things either – they either are going to happen or they are not!

I know l am tired and sore, yes l am sore, and of course with not the right amount of sleep in my body might make me somewhat out of whack, but some things defy logic. Like here’s an example and perhaps some of you have experience with it?

Every night l work on my twelve hour window of  scheduled posts meaning – that from Midnight to Midday l have sufficient posts scheduled to go live at various times of the day to cut me slack in the morning, but with an emphasis on the morning hours. Every night without delay, and yes l am dog tired, but l get these things done, because my OCD demands that l do.

I retired to bed this morning AT 3.42AM and l was up again at 7.55am. I had some breakfast and a shower, and then l awaited Scrappy to awake so l could take her for her morning walk.

I completed this post at precisely 2.15am I Just Wanted To Say! and l scheduled it for a launch time of 6.45am today. That is early UK, late USA and Canada, mid Oz and middish NZ and so on [and yes before anyone asks l do consider that with 75% of all of my posts again OCD]  As said l went to bed at 3.42am content in the knowledge that all my posts would be launching ergonomically at relevant times.

When l logged in this morning at 8.42am, l suddenly realised that the I Just Wanted To Say! was not visible?? Goodness l thought, have l somehow NOT set this for 6.45am and set it for 12 hours later at 6.45pm?? Checked, nowhere to be seen. The post had vanished!!

Except then l noticed that at more or less 2 hours previously my post dated greetings post didn’t go live instead it took itself off to the trash bin??????? So l retrieved it and published at 8.45am.

Well why did it do that?? I was in bed asleep when it went off for a jolly and instead of publishing at 6.45, it threw itself into the bin?? So now, l must content with 50% both of my pingbacks disappearing and 50% of comments vanishing and now what? A new phase of self detonating greeting posts?? What on earth is that all about then??

That, amongst a plethora of other puzzzling problems this last weekend was beset against some good news and that was some of the inheritance was released which was a blessing … finally some good luck!

Have people coming to view the Mini Cooper today, hopefully it will sell, and nothing jinx or curse wise will put these ones off as well as the last three so called buyers.

Dear Blog ……

8 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 12.03 – 03/06/19

  1. WP was just now refusing to load posts into my reader. I was using the app. I had to go to my browser to read, but it let me “like” and comment from the app. WTF? And it was only some of the posts. I guess WP is choosing which posts I should read?
    I don’t doubt that there’s a bunch of negative energy soaked into your father’s things. Sage is excellent for cleansing. I know Sweet Grass draws positive to you, if I can get my brain in gear, I’ll see if I can remember any other cleansing things.
    Good luck with the car🍀

    1. Thank you – car has now gone, well in so far as it has sold – it needs new ownership – it needs to feel loved and wanted again, and l this lady is really going to appreciate it 🙂

    1. No neither am l apparently it now doesn’t like me even commenting, it refuses to publish some comments point blank, keeps saying try again, try again, try again!! 🙁

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