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From Whiskers to California to Eagles – it’s all here, but for goodness sake don’t ever IMPLY her fears are silly!!

6 thoughts on “More from Rory

    1. Ah brilliant news Beckie, l am pleased. And yes, l know what you mean, l sometimes think damn these things make me hungry for something sweet 🙂

        1. Ha ha, l know when l first ever ordered them back in 2015, they came from the States in three large boxes and the postman was like

          “Have you ordered three large cases of Hubba Bubba bubblegum Rory?? These boxes have been in my van and all l can smell is bubblegum. All the other posties at the sorting office have been craving bubblegum since these boxes have been in the depot. I reckon it’ll still smell like that for days!!”

  1. Ha ha, that’s the thing with these, once they are aclimatized back to their smell, you can pick out the right scents, otherwise it is literally this mashed sweeties smell that can drive you nuts or craving for sugar 🙂

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