I Just Wanted To Say!


Just Wanted To Say

Howdy folks, here’s wishing you all a totally fabulous day whereever you are in the world!

Top 5 Call Out

Would you like a 5 Track Call out dedicated to you? If that’s a yes, let me know below in the comments section – now come on don’t be shy.

 This can be 5 tracks from one artist, or five assorted tracks from various artists or even five albums – it’s entiredly your choice – 5 of whatever you would like to listen to.

Today’s Top 5 Call Out is dedicated to Gary of Bereaved Single Dad who wants to hear 5 tracks of  … Joe Bonamassa (born May 8, 1977) is an American blues rock guitarist, singer and songwriter.  So without further ado – here you go my friend – enjoy ‘cos’ l can tell you l sure as hell did, cracking artist and the last track in the line up – awesome!


Quote of the Day

“What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle and giving 110% all the time.” – Don Zimmer

Brian Tracy

In-Blog Life

In-Blog Life will be starting as a mainstream feature once the Podcast series starts. It is to be 15 minute interviews with bloggers where upon they can discuss what is coming up in their blogs for the coming week/s or month.

So that’s me, but what about you? What have you got planned for your blogs  This week?

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it good sir, it was a great listening period, l enjoyed more than l thought l would – joe is up for a Theme Time soon enough 🙂

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