Cynically Twisted



Cynically Twisted

I am used to being called cynical,
And will gladly accept that l am critical,
Personally l think l am a realist,
Some have called me a pragmatist,
I prefer to be seen as an optimist,
But have been known to be a pessimist,

Of all these abilities and characteristics,
I would also like to think that l am altruistic,
It’s beyond a doubt now that l am Aspergic,
Which might explain my fondness for the heuristic?
Some have said that l can also be quite philosophic,
And many of late have said of me that l am quite surrealistic,

Recently someone said that l was incongruous!
Which considering my perplexity l thought was fabulous!
Then again someone also said that l was unrealistically simplistic!
Which l did take umbrage to it’s just easier to be logistic,
People are just way too narcissistic,
In their assessment of what they don’t understand, it’s fatalistic,

But l can say with a fact, that l am not cynically twisted,
Yeah-sure l am and can be annoyingly persistent
And yes l can be seen to be classed as extremely contemptuous,
At times, this prose a classic example: superfluous!
But twisted? Nay that’s rubbish it’s like saying l am not trusting!
When in reality, the truth is way simpler, l am simply readjusting!!

© Rory Matier 2012

14 thoughts on “Cynically Twisted

  1. Amazingly awesome as always Mr Guy and K9.
    You always make me smile out loud. Do you have any other way that I can follow your poems? Are you on Facebook?

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