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Just Wanted To Say …….

Hey all here’s hoping you all have a great day whatever the time of the day it is in your part of the world!


Music for the dawn, morning,  midday, afternoon, dusk, evening, night, midnight, late and really late!! Is that everything …pretty sure it is.

If you would like a Top 5 Track/Album Call Out Morning Dedication, please let me know below in the comments section! This can be 5 tracks from one artist, or five assorted tracks from various artists or even five albums – it’s entiredly your choice – 5 of whatever you would like to listen to.

Today 5 Track Call Out goes to Victoria of Just Sayins who chose Enigma with a twist of sorts and wanted to know what my best tracks were. Prior to Victoria’s request, l hadn’t listened to Enigma that much, so l have been listening to various tracks for the last six hours and whilst l have not made a conclusive discovery, l realised that l have heard some of their music before hand. But l did enjoy some of the tracks are here are five such tracks in preferenced order.

As much as l enjoyed listening to Enigma, l found them a little slow for my ears. They managed to make me very tired, l am unbelievably tired of late, just not able to secure any quality sleep. So putting this post together at 3am, listening Enigma and their sultra heavenly heavy pulsating mixes, makes me tired! So much so, it has taken me much longer to create this post as l kept falling asleep on the keyboard!!

Enigma – Sadeness

Enigma – Return To Innocence

Enigma – The Eyes Of Truth

Enigma – Beyond The Invisible

Enigma – I Love You… I’ll Kill You


Quote of the Day

“The way get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Brian Tracy

In-Blog Life

In-Blog Life will be starting as a mainstream feature once the Podcast series starts. It is to be 15 minute interviews with bloggers where upon they can discuss what is coming up in their blogs for the coming week/s or month.

Today in my blog l have the following features to post to the readership … 

Random Quote

Autism and Mental Health series … A life Without Moderation & I Don’t Know, Sink Crazies Maybe?

Theme Times – have to wait and see who.

New Not Just My Verse game.

New question Fun – Topic – change

Of course the usuals!

So that’s me, but what about you? What have you got planned for your blogs  Today?



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  1. Another morning that started at 4:30am… If only there was a way to extract and bottle all that extra energy young King Ben has…ah well, to quote somebody or other, “if frogs had wings, they wouldn’t bump their arses”
    I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday and that you’re able to accomplish all you set out to do👍

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