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Welcome to Question Fun The Twice Weekly Game!

An easy game, and more so if you love questions!  Each game has a topic, and then there are 23 questions relating to the topic – they can be visual, musical, personal, professional, topical, serious, thought provoking, fun, weird and even wacky – the questions will cover all fields and there is no structure to follow, so it could orderly one day and completely random the next time you play!

Today’s topic is ………….. Adventuring, Exploration and Travel/ling

What are five [in your eyes only] top quality Adventure films?

[Please provide links and say why you think they are]

What would be your ideal Adventure [not holiday – Adventure]

If you were planning your Adventure of a Lifetime which is the best season for you to go?

What kind of activities do you enjoy doing and what would you never do?

If you could live anywhere in the world for a year out of the answers below, where would you choose?

In a Castle

Under the Sea

In a Forest

In a Dungeon

On an Alien Planet

On the side of an Active Volcano

What are three great adventure quotes?

America is named after?

Who reached North America first out of the following people’s?

Spanish, British, Vikings, Portuguese

What was Christopher Columbus’s aim of  his second voyage to the New world?

What happened to the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan?

What was the most exciting Adventure you have ever been on?

Where in the world have you had the most fun exploring as an adult?

When in Rome, one does as the Roman’s do, however When on a Sandy Beach,  one does ……….. ?

Whilst out and about exploring on an adventure, what is the most scariest thing that has happened to you?

Of the following choices which would you prefer to explore?

A sunken city

A lost city

A forgotten city

An uninhabited island

Why did you pick your option above, what appealed?

Would you rather swim with sharks or dolphins?

What’s the worst piece of travel advice you have ever received?

What’s the best piece of travel advice you have ever received?

What is on the top of your bucket list?

Best musical track you can think of for each of the following: exploration, adventuring or travelling? [Please provide links]

How many countries [or States/Counties] have you visited – please list.

Three items you simply could not travel without?


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