All Woman


All Woman


I see in colour through my mind,

And music oh so gentle sweeps,

Rolling plains all the time,

An awakened dream …

… mine to keep,


Whispers of your name float to me,

Gentle caresses softly speak,

Offering me loving tranquility,

… and making me so weak,

Yet strong in belief,


… oh so very strong,

Of golden sunsets, an’ rose gardens,

And calming blues,

… deep sea greens,

Beautifully created hues,


That comes from my mind,

Yet others only see with blinded eyes,

And are tricked by time,

So tied and so unwise,

For they do not see you as l see you,


They peer from behind greyed cloaks,

…shadows are never true,

Colours lost in smoke,

To me, you are my colours,

… you are my music, you are my eyes,

The gardens’ flowers,

… and the gentle caressing breeze,


I see you as you see me,

… looking within the heart,

And we,

Both caught,

… mesmerized, walking the same tune,


Seeing the same vibrancy of richness,

Loving the sun and dusts from the moon,

Embracing such gentleness,

I am in startled awe,

… of who you are,


Of who l so adore,

… like a blazing star

Silkily beautiful, so sincere,

…and again l think within my being,

What is it that makes you all so clear,


… and allows me to understand an’ be all seeing,

Letting me be again, a proud man,

And slowing my mind,

Colours, rolling plains, music and time,

Then l know why…

… because you are simply you,

You are a beautiful woman.


© Rory Matier 2018

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