I Just Wanted To Say!


Just Wanted To Say …….

Hey all here’s hoping you all have a great day whatever the time of the day it is in your part of the world!


Music for the dawn, morning,  midday, afternoon, dusk, evening, night, midnight, late and really late!! Is that everything …pretty sure it is.

If you would like a Top 5 Track/Album Call Out Morning Dedication, please let me know below in the comments section! This can be 5 tracks from one artist, or five assorted tracks from various artists or even five albums – it’s entiredly your choice – 5 of whatever you would like to listen to.

This mornings 5 track Dedication is for Gary of Bereaved Single Dad and his choice is the to listen to some al Stewart  – so here we are!

Never ever heard of this fella.


Quote of the Day

“Develop an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. Say thank you to everyone you meet for everything they do for you.” – Encouraging Quote by Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

In-Blog Life

In-Blog Life will be starting as a mainstream feature once the Podcast series starts. It is to be 15 minute interviews with bloggers where upon they can discuss what is coming up in their blogs for the coming week/s or month.

Today in my blog l have the following features to post to the readership … 

Autism and Mental Health series … All of Us – Are Uniquely Defined Personalities – All Of Us.

Episode 4 of The Grumblies

Another episode of Doin’ The Dirt and ‘Small Gardens P2

Random Quote

Theme Times – dedication to Kristian – Tales of the mind of Kristian  Hitchcock’s Blondes

Of course the usuals!

So that’s me, but what about you? What have you got planned for your blogs  Today?

One thought on “I Just Wanted To Say!

  1. I didn’t recognize the name but Year Of The Cat and Time Passages are both songs I know. Cool to be reminded of groovy easy -listening songs of my childhood.
    My day started at 5:45am today, so YAY…much more reasonable. I have food shopping on my To Do list today😞 always an adventure…
    I’m not liking the windy, rainy weather we’ve been having. It flare my pain and makes me feel twitchy. At least it’s not ridiculously hot, right?!
    General “GM Status” would be Level Meh… LOL
    I hope Wednesday is being kind to you JB!

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