Dear Blog – 22.07 – 22/05/19

Karma Came Early!!

It’s been an odd few days, and to think we are only now on Wednesday from my sister’s appalling behaviour on Friday. She was not best pleased at what l thought was a friendly suggestion of a partial financial distribution now with the house now being sold. Oh no she retorted, l want to do this all properly. May l remind you that as lead Executor blah blah. She blew off handle when l corrected her and said, well actually you’re no longer in that position, we are both now simply equal joint executors … actually.

She was like a baby throwing her rattle out of the pram, and she sent me two emails to my one both of which were trying to display to me how much of a martyr she really is. The problem is, she has done nothing but insult me all the way through the proceedings with the estate probate in her endeavour to show me how mighty she is, how righteous.

She is of course right, she is righteous, a righteous prat. Who seemingly forgets her own lies and also forgets herself when there is alcohol in her system.

Not one to be outwitted, the next day l played my ace in hand and sent my new email to the solicitor exercising my ‘right’ to something which just happens to be legal and factual and which my sister has forgotten in her oh how great l truly am speeches.

Come Monday with the solicitor picking up my email he swung into action, and literally took action upon my requests which he could not  – not do. You see there is a special caveat in my father’s will to me, that has actually been my sister’s biggest thorn in her side, and that is – although no where near the sum of money she has received from my father over the years. I am entitled to an amount of money before the house sale is divided equally.

It means, that l will actually have a higher percentage of all the monies from the house sale. I discussed with her long ago about this sum, which she has been furious about since last October. Because being typical Jenny and not ever handling her own documents,  she threw her copy of the will away in 2009 and therefore had to have her memory jogged about my caveat.

The reason she wanted me to wait for everything to be settled is that she would be able to exercise her power as lead probate not realising that her power was gone the moment probate was granted.

On Friday just gone and her very annoying letter back to me with her juicy insults aimed at Suze and myself. Everything we have done for Jenny during the course of these proceedings to help her out, financially or knowledge wise or making things easier for her because she was debt ridden and ‘grieving’ and, and, and what the flook ever else was thrown back at Suze and myself as a weapon by my sister, everything good we had done for her she turned on its head and made it look like we had forced her.

So as letters went it was rude, insulting and annoying, but that was irrelevant – for me that response followed by her second proved two things to me – 1] it was the straw that broke the camels back for me and l decided to NOT speak to her again, l blocked her from my Facebook, but not my email – that will happen when all the monies are accounted for and we literally don’t have to speak again. She’ll not be missed. But more importantly 2] the letter whilst quite manipulatively vile was not her language, in other words she may have typed it, but she most assuredly didn’t craft it. Proving yet again that she is just lying to everyone she knows, and they feel sorry for her and attack anyone they think is attacking her!?

However with Monday, the solicitor swung into action with my request, that being irrelevant to her own thoughts on the matter, legally she cannot deny me my caveat, which is basically the moment money hits the bank account l am the first one paid. My sister cannot reject this, she cannot throw her authority around any more, because she simply cannot argue with the law!!

Ha ha!! I am thrilled, l don’t need revenge on this rude and insultive woman, Karma helped me out early!! Music to my ears

The added bonus was that she made another error, in her rude response to me on Friday she referred to our solicitor as a half wit! She tried to send something to him yesterday in typical careless Jenny language, as in she wrote and not someone else, and instead of looking at what she was doing, she went and forwarded her responses to the solicitor!!! So he saw in black and white her referring to him as a half wit !

From that point, the solicitor swung into more action in addition to my caveat, l get my half share of the house first and if Jenny wants to ‘await’ everything to be finalised she can!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha!!


Ain’t Karma a Bitch!

Dear Blog ……

17 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 22.07 – 22/05/19

    1. Hey Lisa, yes very much so – l am now very close to the end, and the only time l will have any contact with her again is sadly when my mother passes which all going well, will not be for a good few years yet 🙂

  1. Im sorry im confused, you two were fighting over who gets paid 1st from a house being sold? Is the amount not 50/50?

        1. Hey Charlene, yes greed is a terrible thing. My sister basically had been spoilt by my father when he was alive and she was always demanding money from him, and stupidly he would give in to her time and time again.

          Jenny as a spoilt person, wanted everything for herself. When the house sold, l suggested that we opt for a partial distribution until things were sorted out and the account was closed. She had maintained she was in terrible debt since dad died. Which was probably true, she had been used to receiving a £1000 pcm from dad when he was alive. I am not in debt, but then l never had my father give me anything financially so l wasn’t used to money coming in, so didn’t live beyond my means, my sister did.

          There is no love lost between the two of us, l have tried to be a dutiful older brother to her during all of this, but it has been very annoying.

          Last week, she basically tried to mount a righteous move which was basically lording it over me as to when l was going to receive monies from the house sale, like she had say in the matter. but she didn’t.

          So that’s what this is all about, Jenny didn’t want me being paid and if it had to happen it had to happen on her terms.

          But legally, she doesn’t have a leg to stand on now, and thankfully it’s all ending , thankfully, so l am well pleased 🙂

          1. I could tell you a story just like this so I know what you mean. I started to write about it as my 7 Sins project but decided against it. Maybe one day I’ll tell it too. 💜 glad you got everything handled

            1. Hey Charlene, l think sadly many of us probably do have stories like this. My sister has probably a different version to me. So l think it’s just life isn’t it.

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