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Small Perhaps But Mighty Fine Too!

No one is ever too small to make a difference!

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Part 1

Recently someone asked me  “Well what happens if you don’t have a huge garden? What then? Say if you want to grow vegetables and herbs as well, what are you supposed to do?”

A lot of people don’t always have big yards or gardens. The only reason we do is because of Scrappy. We started renting this house in July 2016, and it came with a large garden – it wasn’t ideal for us, but so many rentals now are declining not just children but also pets, and especially dogs. Back in 2016, Scrappy was still despite being an old dog, a very young at heart dog who was very energetic and loved going for three to four mile hikes with us daily, or running around the garden or playing in the garden with her dong.

In the last 6 – 8 months both Suze and l have noticed that Scrappy has aged significantly. Of course the vets said this would happen once she had the spasm attacks in 2017, and was diagnosed with IVDD in January of that year. She has slowed down enormously since the end of last year and no longer requires a large garden such as the one we now have. In addition to that, my shoulder injury has rendered me quite useless when it comes to both gardening and composting alike, meaning that Suze has to deal with this very large garden by herself.

Our next move will be into a much smaller garden, with less grass coverage and ornamental flower garden beds, but space for pots so that we can work more on the theory of miniature vegetable and herb gardening. Our back garden here is between 35 – 38 feet wide and maybe 60 feet long down to the shed, with an additional 15 feet in length behind which is where all the hidden work is kept like the composting, but also additional sheds.

So the person who asked this question, did so on the premise that they believed we would not take on a much smaller garden, which we are looking forwards to. When they heard our answer, they basically implied that 1] we would miss having the space to be able to plant a suitable garden and 2] that small space vegetable gardens don’t work.

It was this conversation that prompted me into thinking about this post creation.

One of the things with vegetable, herb and flower gardening is first identifying what it is you actually want to grow in the first place? Once you have an idea, then you will best know how to tackle the problem of limited space and then manage it effectively.

Remember the SGGR’s – Small Garden Golden Rules


Small Garden Golden Rules


Only grow what you need and only grow what you want to eat!


Think about all the varieties you can already buy in the shops, so that when you are planting out, don’t just plant what you can already get, go for variation, unusual and different. Plant the things you eat but cannot just buy in the shops. Shops sell what the general populace wants, this way you are planting what you want, not what the market thinks you want.


Go for plantings that fall under the cut and come again, as you can harvest from them and they will still continue to provide you with a harvest. Like beans or peas. But also think of leafy vegetables.


 Grow plants that are perhaps more expensive in the shops – think about vegetables that perhaps you don’t have on every weekly shop.


Less is more when it comes to growing your own


Think height, tall plants will do well in a small garden, you are looking to maximise space – verticle gardening


Remember edible flowers can also double serve as companion plants


Remember to explore dwarf vegetable varieties, there are many

The Whats

Before we move onto what to grow plants in, let’s have a look at plants that do really well in smaller spaces.




Baby Beets [Baby Beetroot]/Beetroot

Swiss Chard/Rainbow Chard

Pak Choi

Salad Leaves/Corn Salads

Most of the herbs can be grown in smaller spaces

Basil, chives, parsley, coriander and mint as examples are very easy to grow



Early Pots [Early Potatoes]




Runner Beans/Dwarf French Beans





Small Head Cabbage


Edible Flowers

List of Edible Flowers


So far we have looked at some ideal small gardening tips as well as what can we plant out in a small garden. In part 2 we will further explore The Hows.

12 thoughts on “Small Perhaps But Mighty Fine Too!

    1. Hey Paula, absolutely – the guy who originally brought the question up was a cheeky sod ha ha, he doesn’t even like gardening.

      Where there a will there is always a way 🙂

  1. all very good advice, miss our garden, too much shade and other complications at apartment right now but Reading about gardening again

    1. Hey Clare, many thanks 🙂

      I got your email, it is being planned in for Wednesday 🙂

      So please do pass the message onto Florence and co 🙂

  2. I miss my garden more for the birds and insects they fed on than the fruits and veggies. Nature watching is so relaxing. We bought(from a school fundraiser) some kind of bird attracting flower thing that’s supposed to hang. Perhaps I should get it off the top of the fridge where it migrated and do whatever needs doing.
    But then what would I complain about?! LOL

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