Dear Blog – 15.25 – 20/05/19


I am sure, that what l am about to write will resonate with many of you ……… but you ever have one of those days when nothing, and l mean absolutely nothing , goes right?

I mean it doesn’t matter, if you have plans, nothing matters … it’s like a little imp has decided that today is the day that it’s going to bugger you about!

Today’s my day!

It didn’t help that l stumbled out of the back door and fell over and then automatically as one does puts your main arm out to protect you, forgetting that your main arm is incapacitated. The impact jarring, made me throw up!

Now l am all over the place trying to figure out what it was l was supposed to be doing.

Another bad day!

Me thinks that perhaps the match thing may not have worked! Mind you, l am hellishly clumsy as well, not just jinxed, but l am a fella that can get lost walking around a corner never mind the times l trip over my own feet!

Gotta love the imps from hell, right?

Dear Blog ……

18 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 15.25 – 20/05/19

  1. Yep! I was thinking “Oh no! Number three” before reading about the match not working…
    Ah, your poor arm! I almost fell over just a few minutes ago, trying to hurry an umbrella (yes, it’s raining in SoCal😯) out to older daughter waiting with King Ben for the glorious little yellow school bus. Tripping over my own feet.
    I hope you get to the ‘laughing at how ridiculous all the bad luck is’ part before you suffer any more injuries!
    Those stupid imps…

      1. May that day come soon!🍀🙏
        I just posted part 2 of my pain journey and I’m finding that it’s going to take several more posts to write even the basic stuff. It’s all very depressing. Especially knowing that you’re having to go through some of the same stuff.

        1. Hey GM, l will check it out very shortly, for some reason a load of ping backs from last week have arrived in my pending folder? I don’t get it, l check that every day and now three from last week arrive?

  2. Hi, Rory. I hope your day has improved. I’m sorry about your arm. It must have been painful.

  3. So sorry you are having to endure such anguish! Still holding you in my HEART, wishing you well. Sweet Blessings, Dear One. 💞

    1. Hey Betty – Thank you – l have to concede to having felt better in previous years. I seem to becoming quite clumsy these days, l think it’s because l am becoming unbalanced slightly – hope you and yours and not forgetting Lulu are all keeping well?

      How was your holiday?

      You have been back now, for a few days?

      1. Wonderful, thank you! My youngest son (who happens to be your age, actually 🙂) and I went up north to visit with my 98 yr. young Mother. She insists on remaining in her home alone, which is of some concern. However, we all respect her wishes to live as she desires. She is such a treasure! Yes, still trying to catch up since I returned, you know? 😊

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