Autumns Dawning


Autumns Dawning

Hues of softest pink, warn of frost at ten past six,
It’s beautiful here in Kent out in the sticks,
Can be quiet, and for days l may not see another soul,
But it’s truly idyllic, appreciated when on a quiet stroll,
Walking along thoughts’ highway, taking the beauty in,
Sunsets in autumn, disappearing dawns upon the horizon,
Each one staggering in its’ brilliance of nature’s palette,
Colours blending and caressing in dusk’s daily ballet,
Kissing partners of artistic rhythm, knowing no bounds,
Autumn dusk’s creative awareness alluringly profound
Emotionally l am always drawn into the evenings close,
Solace is found within me, calming my soul in full repose,
Watching dusk’s dawning opening and closing before me,
Captivating me, catching my breath, caught in its serenity,
Nightfall easing down upon lonely skies and grounds,
Evenings’ chorus now kicking in ‘full surround sound’
Many a year may pass after me, but l will always fondly recall,
The splendid colour of autumn dusk’s dawning in the fall!

© Rory Matier 2018

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