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Bob Hope & Bing Crosby By Film Screenshot – Road to Bali film.

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Road to … is a series of seven comedy films starring Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, and Dorothy Lamour. They are also often referred to as the Road” pictures or the Road” series. The movies were a combination of adventure, comedy, romance, and music. The minimal plot often took a back seat to gags, many of them reportedly ad-libbed by Crosby and Hope during filming.

This Theme Time is dedicated to Angie of King Ben’s Grandma


I have seen all of these films at one point or another and in truth l only became aware that they were part of a film series with Angie’s request, so let’s settle down and see what we have here………


Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour and Bing Crosby By Film Screenshot – Road to Bali film.

Road to Singapore – 1940

Woman troubles bedevil sailors Josh (Bing Crosby) and Ace (Bob Hope), who are both being forced into undesirable marriages. They escape their predicament by running away to Singapore via Hawaii, where they meet gorgeous dancer Mima (Dorothy Lamour), with whom both men immediately become smitten. But when Josh’s rich father (Charles Coburn) and his fiancée (Judith Barrett) show up to bring him back, Mima has to make up her mind which of the friends she loves.

Road to Zanzibar – 1941

Tired of working the traveling sideshow circuit in Africa, con men Chuck Reardon (Bing Crosby) and Hubert “Fearless” Frazier (Bob Hope) get tangled up with tycoon Charles Kimble (Eric Blore), who fleeces them with the deed to a worthless diamond mine. After swindling someone else with the same mine deed, the boys rescue a pair of seemingly innocent young cuties in peril, Donna (Dorothy Lamour) and Julia (Una Merkel), not realizing that the girls are confidence tricksters themselves.

Road to Morocco – 1942

Starving vagabond Jeff (Bing Crosby) sells best friend Orville (Bob Hope) into slavery in a Moroccan marketplace to buy food. Searching for his partner after an attack of conscience, Jeff discovers that Orville is now engaged to the gorgeous Princess Shalmar (Dorothy Lamour), whose astrologers have told her that her first husband will die violently, leaving her free to marry her beloved Sheik Mullay Kasim (Anthony Quinn). But when the princess falls for Jeff, things get complicated.

Road to Utopia – 1945

During the Alaskan gold rush, beautiful young Sal (Dorothy Lamour) travels to Alaska on the trail of the pair of thugs (Nestor Paiva, Robert Barrat) who murdered her father and stole the map to his gold mine. Meanwhile, genial con men Chester (Bob Hope) and Duke (Bing Crosby) unwittingly steal the wanted men’s identities and get involved in an escalating series of mistaken identities and double-crosses involving Sal, the real thieves and avaricious bar owner Ace (Douglas Dumbrille).

Road to Rio – 1947

Suave singer Scat Sweeney (Bing Crosby) and his partner, Hot Lips Barton (Bob Hope), stow away on a ship leaving New Orleans for Rio de Janeiro. On board, Scat falls for the beautiful and wealthy Lucia Maria (Dorothy Lamour), whose guardian (Gale Sondergaard) is hypnotizing her into consenting to an arranged marriage to the scoundrel Sherman Mallory (George Meeker). In Rio, the trio pose as a Brazilian song-and-dance act in an attempt to outwit Lucia Maria’s predators.

Road to Bali – 1952

In this musical, Harold (Bob Hope) and George (Bing Crosby) are two vaudeville performers in Australia. After they realize their local gal pals intend to marry them, they sign up for a diving expedition led by the local island prince, Ken Arok (Murvyn Vye). They soon meet the prince’s sister, Lalah (Dorothy Lamour), who rules a beautiful island. When their dive uncovers a jewel-filled chest, Ken tries to steal both the treasure and Lalah’s throne, and the trio is forced into hiding.

The Road to Hong Kong – 1962

With their vaudeville act going nowhere, Harry Turner (Bing Crosby) and Chester Babcock (Bob Hope) decide to become con artists — except Chester is having a few problems with his memory, which doesn’t exactly help. Luckily, Turner and Chester find a miracle drug in Tibet that cures Chester. When he memorizes a secret formula for space travel with his improved mind, however, a whole host of other problems crop up, accompanied by an alluring spy, Diane (Joan Collins).


So there we go folks – now, were you a big huge fan of Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour in the Road series? Furthermore, did you see any of the films and if now, how about the three main leads? Fans or not?

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  1. I believe I watched all the “Road” movies when I was a kid. I used to watch them with my Dad. Great memories!

  2. Thanks so much! This was great!
    Rory, I would like to thank you for all the thought, time and effort you invest in the posts you share with us all. Your variety of topics is amazing and they are all quality work! I’m so proud of you for being so conscientious, for your ingenuity and unselfish desire to serve to entertain, share knowledge and have fun – all, with such fervor, too! 💞

  3. Thanks JB! I love the old classic movies. I used to spend all day Sundays watching the classic movie channels on cable. My daughters would join me. This is when they were children. Great movies and good memories with my girls.
    The silliness of the Road Movies was always fun.

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