Crap …

… there is nothing as bad as stress
Life’s hard enough without all the unnecessary duress,
It’s worse when you think, you are being made to look like an arse!
Life at times is nothing but a comical great farce!

You may think, stupidly l add, that you have it sussed,
Then you realise that you’re wrong, and you’re crushed!
Gee whiz, what does it take to actually get it right?
Without looking like you’re a barking sprite?

For an intelligent guy, l can look like a right twit,
It’s okay, don’t worry, at least l can admit it,
At first l thought that maybe l was just allergic,
But no!! It’s worse, l am gifted with being Aspergic!

Now what does this really mean to the unknowing?
Well l am surprised you don’t know, for with me it’s always showing!
I can frustrate myself with an insistence on precision
But l don’t like people interpreting me like l need exorcism

Aspergians are creatures of habit and odd routine,
Some may perceive it‘s caused by overdosing on caffeine,
We can surprise not just others but ourselves!,
With the titbits of oddity that we store within our mental shells!

And we are stunned, at new and exciting things,
That we see around the world and our eyesight brings!
Like, why did l never know, that cats could climb walls?
And l am like a six year old, totally excited and enthralled,

How did l not know that blooming swans could fly?
It beggars belief, it really does, it’s all truth l cannot deny!
Or that bloody frogs did not just hop but could walk?
Yes l know, how randomly , ad hoc!

That cows could actually run, did you know that?
Well l didn’t!! Yes l know you ‘re thinking what a twat!
These are just a few things that go wrong with us,
Bright as a button, we are , intelligently a success!

Getting some of words incorrect at completely the wrong time!
Thankfully its social speech and not rhyme!
People at times just look at me like l am bloody odd!
Whilst others just think its funny to run over me rough shod!
However readers beware! l know the difference between fact and myth,
And as such know when some of y’all are taking the pith!

© Rory Matier 2014


7 thoughts on “Myth

  1. I like the word ‘pith’.
    Once, at work, there was a guy peeling a tangerine. He had taken off the peel and then proceeded for about ten minutes to remove very last piece of white. I must have been looking too intensely because he then said to me. “I really hate the pith, I have to remove every last bit before I eat it.”
    Rather quickly (I thought) I retorted “That must really pith you off.”

    Do you know he didn’t laugh. Not a single titter! Some people!

    1. Ha ha!! Love it!

      Suze tells me off here, as l eat the lot absolutely everything. Fruit, pith and peel. We had to compromise when we got together, she said that she would put her foot down if l dared eat ‘another banana skin!’

      LOL, so l agree, yeah some people!!

      It’s roughage!

        1. No alas not, it is filling nicely and climaxing – YES l said it! Climaxing, my heap is getting more heat than most people l know lmao!

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