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Doing My Noodle In!!

The above is an expression of Suze’s – she has a lot of funny expressions and they make me laugh at times, because she has the ha ha cheekiness to call me quirky and then she’ll say things like that – or she’ll come up with 101 different old wives tales, that her mother used to say!

I used to laugh longer at those foibles of hers and yet l don’t tend to laugh as much these days, because l am then served with the infamous teacher stare. Teachers have this stare they can award their annoying pupils, it also arrives with a raised eyebrow and you know, it’s time just to shut up! Suze’s mum used to be a teacher so Suze has inherited that famous stare and just perfected it.

Suze says l am always laughing at her, and this is only sort of true – l am NOT laughing at her, but she makes me laugh – that’s how l voice it, she still maintains l am laughing at her, but what can l say? I find her many a time funny, with her antics.

Thursday and Friday to say the least were not good days and they dragged me down a few pegs in the motivation department. One being a half witted surgeon who convinced Suze and l to part with £1000 to fix a broken shoulder and despite no improvements whatso ever now is trying convince us that there is nothing wrong with my shoulder and has promptly discharged me from his care and because he has now taken note of how much pain l am [well you know l have been in in agony for months, and l know l have been in agony since stepping foot into the professionals physiotherapists office last June which is now a year. The injury itself is now 16 months of age.] However Mr Halfwit has now officially taken it on board and referred me to the Pain Management Team and communal therapy or rather communal hydrotherapy!!

I told him l would NOT be able to do the communal thing because l have a significant problem with ‘people’ , and it clearly states on my medical file that l am on the autism spectrum with my Asperger’s, so why the fuck doesn’t anyone read anything anymore??

He sat across from Suze and l and after pulling my arm up and down outwards and forwards declared “I think you have a problem with your neck.” To which l answered “Of course l have, l have had that for months, l was diagnosed with a pinched nerve back in September 2018!! I told you about that in January and you said and l quote “I am not an neck doctor!”

All he did was nod.

“Furthermore”, l added “I have been experiencing pain from my neck down to my shoulder down to my elbow for a good 12 months now, and when l specifically asked to be referred to the pain management team, no one listened to me? So why is it now, that 12 months after the NHS took me on board as a ‘duty of care patient’, that only now is someone listening to my pain and referring me to a department l should have been referred to last year?? The advanced physiotherapist said l should have been on tramadol from day 1, yet l only had those awarded to me in March!”

“It’s the way of the NHS l am afraid, they can be difficult like that. Anyway so you are saying that you are in more pain now than ever before and that pain is everywhere?”

“The pain has always been everywhere, l have said that from day one to my own doctor, the physiotherapist, a new doctor, the advanced physiotherapist and you, the surgeon.”

“Well l don’t understand in truth because the new images show me there is nothing wrong, so l can only say you are repaired and l must discharge you.”

“Hang on a moment doc, l had injective surgery under your advisement,. and that in my eyes has failed, because not only am l in serious pain, but l now have additional pain behind my shoulder and even less functionality in my right arm than before the injections?”

“Well your images show me there is nothing wrong.”

So that was Thursday .. very disappointing .. and now l must start the complaints proceedure to find out what bloody images he is talking about, seeing as he said ‘new images show me there is nothing wrong’ and l don’t know what he means by that ‘New’ thing? I had the surgery on the 27th March and nothing since. My last MRI scan was on January 5th. the image from that displayed to him that l had serious problems with a collapsed acromion, upper tendonitis and a pinched nerve in C4. On that basis, Suze and l paid £1000 to have three bloody awful injections that we know have failed. The next step was supposed to be ‘keyhole surgery’, however all that has happened is that l have been discharged from the surgeon??


Then came Friday and a whole day wasted on my sister. She maintains she is in horrendous debt, despite being on holiday in Greece … don’t ask who knows. The solicitor offered us a partial payout of finances, and asked me if l thought it was a good idea? I said yes l think it would really help out my sister, with the house now sold, and the contracts exchanged with the new residents wishing to move in on the 24th May, we are almost at the end of this. Drop us both a letter so we are both on the same hymn page and suggest the partial payout. With her debts building l think she will appreciate it, and with the house money not long away and the end of the probate coming to an end, the light as they say is at the end of the tunnel.

So he drafted a letter to us both and told her where we were on the time table with regards the estate and suggested the partial payout with finances currently available. I have been in communication with the solicitor since day one, because of my sisters earlier mistakes – admittedly she didn’t know and she didn’t need to know. So where she has made huge errors l have from behind the scenes patched them up for her, whilst l wasn’t the lead executor , l am still a joint executor and have as much say with regards certain things.

However, she wrote back to him forgetting that the letter was to us both, and she was flying off the handle at him, calling him a half wit and that her bloody brother had no right to communicate with the solicitor and that when she is ready to allow the monies to be distributed she will say as and when that happens as ‘lead executor!’

Well, l saw her response, she obviously hadn’t realised it was a letter to us both, maybe she was drunk on the local Greek spirit and was oblivious who knows. But in her first letter to ‘our’ solicitor she was blatantly rude to him, and me  and it became very apparent very quickly she was actually clueless to everything going on.

Lead Executive on probate is a requirement and temporary title whilst probate is being sourced for granting, after it is granted there is no longer a lead executor on probate, there are then just the executors, meaning, that as my sister and myself hold those titles, we have equal say now as we are joint executors.

The solicitor wrote to me privately and said he was confused what she was on about with regards all external bills being paid, as they had already been paid, and couldn’t understand her need to not accept partial payment, but in his opinion as a solicitor for thirty odd years, he recognised her behaviour as a little spiteful. I wasn’t surprised, l could write a bloody book on the drama’s of this particular probate and my sister – she is after all a miniature model of my father – her arrogance knows no bounds.

I apologised to him for my sister’s dreadful behaviour, and he simply answered “Rory, you are not to blame for your sister’s behaviour, she has insulted me twice already in the last few months anyway. I will be glad when this particular estate is finalised, nothing to do with you as you are a gentleman, but your sister tries us all. She was extremely rude to my assistant the other week before she went on holiday.”

Well l never knew that, but as saddened as l was, l was becoming a little tiresome with her behaviour. People have been bending over backwards to help her, l have,  Suze has, my mother has and all that happens in return are we are insulted and lied about. Now, l was very annoyed with her behaviour towards our solicitors, but told him l would write to her.

What she doesn’t seem to be realising is that all the monies held by our solictors is accruing interest for them, our money is making them money in addition to what we are paying them. So it stands to reason to not have funds in a solicitors account for too long a period of time. What Jenny wants is to have all the monies held there till everything is finalised. By that she means the money from the sale of the house which is considerable as a sum, the money from the chattels that have sold as in dad’s stamps and books and of course the car which currently sits here on our drive.

The problem is that she wants £4000 for it, and whilst in a buoyant market it might fetch that, in the current climate it will not, so l suggested advertising it at £3250 and accepting nearest offers and she is insistent on it being sold for cash at £3500.

When l wrote to my sister, l outlined a few things, l did make mention to her email to our solicitor and that l had a copy. I told her that she was ‘only lead probate’ whilst we were awaiting the granting, and l have as much right to communicate with our solictor as she does. That l wanted to know where we were, and requested that a letter was sent to her to show that there was nothing dodgy going on. I went on about various things and asked her why she would not consider a partial payment now, because whilst she may wish to see the whole thing wrapped up by end May, there was a very high likliehood that it maybe end June, and by the way the car has not had any interest as it is too expensive, we need to drop the price.

If we have problem selling the car, then our solicitors will be earning more interest on our monies, whilst we are waiting for everything to be sewn up. That l considered that as she was in horrendous debts at her concession, then maybe a small amount of money now, would help her out?

Twenty five minutes later l received her response and it was both insulting and offensive to both Suze and myself, it was hostile, profane and aggressive. It referred to Suze and myself as a waste of space and basically scum. there was a lot more.

At that point in time my motivation levels dropped. Shit on again by yet another member of my family and as l have said to people ‘It takes a lot to insult me, unless you attack me personally.” Which is what it was.

So Thursday and Friday were really bad days for me. I got to the point of thinking, what the fuck is going to happen next, because these things always occur in threes??



Saturday morning, l find Suze in the kitchen muttering to herself, talking to Scrappy, talking to herself and cursing and cussing, and fiddling with a box of kitchen matches!?

“Babes, what on earth are you doing?”

“Aha you, have you been using these matches again??”

“Er no, not recently, why?”

“Well you do my bloody noodle in, l know it’s you, you always do this, you put the dead matches back in the box don’t you??!”

“Erm, aaah,. mm, yes, why? By the way what is a noodle in?”

“Typical, l should give you your third disaster now, by wallaoping you one! Noodle in, is doing my head in!”

Well l couldn’t help but laugh at her, it’s these endearing qualities that l love about her, it’s why l fell in love with her in the first place, they make her ……. her. However, my ears pricked up at the mention of a third disaster might involve me getting clobbered for putting dead matches into the box.

“Found one!”She said triumphantly! With that she lit it, and then told me to blow it out. Well, l thought l had best humour her and did so, she then told me to break the matchstick into two. So l did. “There we go!” She smiled.”Three on a match and now you have broken the cycle! There will be no disasters on my watch!”

“Okay then babes, what on earth?” I asked her.”Is this another of your old wives tales?”

“It’s three on a match look it up, when you light the match, blow it out and break the matchstick, the cycle is broken. Now, note to self need new box of kitchen matches and fancy eggs for breakfast?”

You see folks, this is why l love her, apparently l will not have any more disasters  Who knew that Three on a match would have this effect. There we go Suzi Tench of My Colourful Life this is what l was on about earlier, it’s all taken care of now.

Dear Blog ……

6 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 02.09 – 19/05/19

    1. Hey Gary – admittedly l found the matchstick rule quite good also, it is based on a superstition from WWI – you probably know it … three soldiers lighting cigarettes from the same match, snipers always shot the third flame.

      My sister is an absolute nightmare, she reminds me of one of those midget 80’s bosses on a major power trip – got to laugh eh? Failing that it’s flying to Corfu and burying her in a volcano or something bizarre! 🙂

  1. I hadn’t ever heard that one! Tell her I love it! And your sister is a twat! Sorry but she’s so insulting and that’s no way to treat people! xo

  2. I hope that the rule holds true. Your cup is full and overflowing with trouble from your sister. The sooner the inheritance is settled the better.

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