Sunday’s Clock Glitch!


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Sunday’s Clock Glitch!

Arggh FFS!

How did l forget that l would be clocked?
And that my sleep would be docked!
The time has gone forward not back,
A simple procedure, a small hack
Now l am more than irked,
That the time has been shirked
Against my favour, an hour behind,
Already blowing my mind!
My head filled with stress,
An overwhelming mess,
What’s the bloody point?
Damn l could do with a joint,
Which is an absolute joke,
To think of taking a toke,
When l don’t even have any of that to smoke!!

Do l even have the time?
For a small but silly rhyme?
To remind myself that l am only human,
And to not be so hard on my acumen!
It’s after all only Sunday!
But it’s not a Funday!
Not today!
Don’t even have the time to pray!
Head set to burst with the anxiety,
Of such forced sobriety!
Need to jack up the music,
Pump it loud, it’s therapeutic!
Got to try and ease the madness of today,
Make the day swing my way!

Ok, time to prioritise,
List everything down for my eyes,
To adjust to and see some logical sense,
Not have everything so dense,
Chill, relax, and calm down,
Turn the frown into a clown!
Just work on being laid back,
Forget the misadventure with the hack,
Don’t think of it as time, being docked,
But think of it as winter being locked,
Out from the year, time to start afresh,
To clear the cobwebs,
Find the positive, from the negative,
Pump it up, don’t be so sensitive!

Deep breaths,
Think depth,
Calm down, take control,
Blow the stress through the air hole!
Pump it up, make the music loud,
Louder, louder, LOUDER for the crowd!
Ok, absorb the vibes, feel the rhythm,
Let go, let your mind swim,
There we go, you’re back,
Fuck the forgetful hack,
A mistake many make,
Calmness has returned, you are ready to shake,
The stresses, the messes, the stupidity,
Of human inescapable fragilities!

You good?


Ok then, seize the day!

© Rory Matier 2014

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