Late Night Beats With Scrappy Doodlepip!

Good morning all – welcome to my new companion Pets dedication call out feature!

No 2 leggeds allowed.

This morning we have some fine beats to chillax to ….l love fast tracks, Mummy thinks l should listen to slowsome music, but dad knows what l like – so if l find myself on ‘security patrol of the house’ dad leaves this stuff on, it’s great.

Music is so very important to us, it relaxes us when our 2 leggeds are away and so it is very important to have a very good selection which is why we have albums.

Yesterday Mummy and dad were away to the hospital for dad’s shoulder for a few hours and l occupied my time with the following – hope you enjoy them as much as l did! Just can’t go wrong with Elvis!!

So come on everyone – to all pets let me know your selections please? There is NO WAY l am the only pet K9 in the world listening to music when my 2 leggeds are away?

Ps: Hey – have you been in the Interview Kennel yet?

K9/Feline + Petz Interviews Directory

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