Dear Blog – 22.29 – 17/05/19

What the hell is the third thing going to be??

I sometimes wonder who l upset in a previous life, to experience some of the shit l have to deal with?  Am l jinxed or cursed or what? Am l just seriously unlucky??

I have also come firmly to the fim conclusion that living the life of an honest man is for muppets! If however you lead the life of the liar, the manipulator, the coercer, the dishonest person – you get further – the more you stomp on people, the further you get!

Yes, whatever karma, fate will get them in the end – great, terrific, bloody brilliant! However it may not, and if it does, you may never know, so where is the fun in that??

Another day shot down by yet another bloody annoying incident, puts me even further behind that l was already.

So, l ask the world at large what on earth are you going to throw at me tomorrow or over the weekend? Is the next disaster a surprise?

Dear Blog ……

22 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 22.29 – 17/05/19

    1. You are quite right, curve balls indeed, my plight is nothing in comparison to others – it is reflective to me, and l just happened to grow up in the wrong family 🙂

      It’s a deal, you carry on and so too will l 🙂

    1. I know. It’s basically my sister. She has lied and manipulated her way all the way through this Probate. She is currently on holiday despite being in serious debt in Corfu, Greece under the guise that someone else paid for her to go, they may have done. but l found out she has been lying about me, lying about our mother.

      An opportunity arose which would have helped her out, and all she did was wrote back to me in the most scathing and hostile manner possible, and displayed to me for absolute certainty that she is a liar, and has the 12 second memory of a goldfish, and is a person who actually believes her own lies. She tore a strip off me for trying to help her out, and all she did was prove to me just how very much she is like my father.

      i have now made the decision to never speak to her again, she has insulted me one too many times now and l have instructed the solicitor that he now has my full authority to speak on my behalf as l refuse point blank to have anything to do with her.

              1. I know. But I am a strong believer in keeping the relationship going, even if it’s just on a superficial level.

              2. No, that’s a false economy – my sister has crossed a line of no return now. For me once that line has been crossed there is literally no way to return. I have tolerated insult after insult during this whole proceedings, l have ‘held the superficial’, but the moment you insult me and have the audacity to insult my partner, it is like the person ceases to exist. I no longer have a sister.

              3. I can understand your feelings. I was referring to my own way of thinking. We have to decide what is best for us. Clearly you and your sister are not working in synch.

              4. I know it was how you were, l know because l really have thought long and hard about this – you know life is way too short for this – and l have felt unwell for the last couple of days, admittedly the surgeon pulling my arm every which way didn’t help. But yesterday’s fiasco, stopped me dead. i read the diatribe my sister sent to me via email, and how she rallied off the oh woe is me, l am a hero, l am a martyr and you and your partner are scum who are not worth anything and a waste of space, to be mild about it.

                Then l thought do l let this insult go? I have been insulted and offended by my sister since October of last year 9 times, not including yesterday – my patience for being tolerant is pretty good, but even l have my limits.

                This close to the end of things, l will have very little need to have any communication with her, but what little there actually is, can be dealt with by the solicitor.

                It’s not just that, but a couple of months ago, she seriously insulted my mother, and as canny as my own mother can be, after helping Jenny out during dad’s last days, mum didn’t need that, but she most assuredly didn’t need by sister’s boyfriend having a go at her either – no, now the lines have been crossed.

                I can only hope, Karma and fate step on board and deal with her in their own way.

              5. That is indeed crossing the limits. It is indeed better to curtail a relationship which brings nothing but negative and painful feelings for you.

              6. Exactly – it’s sad, l don’t deny that, but l really have tried to be there for her – but all l have had happen is have her throw everything back in both my face and Suze. It’s just another burning from my family, and it’ll not happen again.

  1. I had a feeling when I read the post that dear old sis was the topic. NOT what you needed right after the dickweed surgeon. I think cutting contact is the best thing for your mental health. We wouldn’t accept the kind of behavior from friends or strangers that we accept from family. And why?! Just because you’re related to a person doesn’t mean you owe them anything, or they you.
    I hope your weekend is drama free!

    1. Hey Grandma, yes my cursed sister the harbinger of doom itself – l am oft surprised and l shouldn’t be that she still walks this earth in one piece?? How she yet hasn’t offended someone who has taken more of an ager towards her insults is quite beyond me.

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