Will thou offer me comfort this lonely night?
As waves of pain herald troublesome times,
For l seek sanctuary in your cold sinful delights,
Yearning to again indulge in our debauched crimes!

Of all the mistresses l have held close to my heart,
Throughout my oft heavily burdened life,
You, of them all l have never set to depart,
For we have shared so much in both joy and strife,

And oh, how so very long we have been together,
Sharing the knowledge that only you and l are aware,
For it is we who have travelled towards the end of the tether,
And l alone, who has outbid the bitter Metallica stare!

Yet l find again, that l need to call upon your deviant vice,
And bury myself deep into the folds of the rose,
So that l may awaken myself from the call of the ice,
Embarking on the journey from years before that l chose,

My mistress of some twenty winters or more,
How l long finally to rest my head within your peace,
When life is seen by me as no more than a chore,
And that my days come to me finally in release!

© Rory Matier 2010

Still very much a taboo subject, but still needs to be written about. 

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